ISO: Templates for Clustering and Siggie

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ISO: Templates for Clustering and Siggie

Has anyone seen any around? Help with my clustering and siggie would be great! Thanks!!!

Hi Cindy! I´ve never seen a template for clusters. What helped me to improve a bit of my clustering (although I still have lots to learn) was this topic, where more experienced designers gave us great adivices, and, just after starting the topic I saw that there was a series of recomended links by Marisa on this topic.

Also, if you have a registration in Scraps and Pieces forum, Paula shared what she taught on the retreat that Janet was talking about in the first topic I showed you. The topic on Scraps and Pieces forum is here.

If anyone knows these kind of templates I´m also interested! smiley

What is a siggie?

I know AK Designs ( has got some Cluster templates.

And siggy templates (to make signatures) can be found here: It is a url for an ISO at the DST forum.

Hopefully you can use these links

Thank you, everyone, for your help and guidance! Off to follow the links! smiley

You're welcome!

hi thank u. smiley