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ISO: Trains

Looking for train related items for our train-loving kiddo! smiley Immediately, I'd like a black "doodle" or "stamp" (or brush) of an old-fashioned train engine for a page. And I found the train in the "Footsteps" kit already! Thanks!

Here are these.

Its a free photoshop vector file and there are some cute train stamps here.

Very cool website Karry! Thanks for sharing! although I didn't need trains, there are some nice vectors there. smiley

Oohhh...I may have to make some prints for his room from those! And I found some others there, too! Thanks!

Here's a site I use for my mixed media art all the time .... vectors in high resolution sizes ...

Oh, I like those, too, Susan! Thanks!

If you're building your own kit, I also have this button. Unfortunately, I know that's all I have here at the site.

I love the choo choo kit by citrus and mint, and it is free!

Oh goodness, what an adorable freebie Melo! How have I missed out on seeing all of the fab free kits from Citrus and Mint?!? I've collected her blog train goodies, but didn't realize that there were even more kits. Love her work!

So do I Janet! I truly envy her drawing skills. She used to hang out here a while ago, but I haven't seen her around the forum for a while. If you ever read this Rachael: you have fans here!

I have a little boy and those freebies are right up my alley! Thanks!

Just a quick question here for all you boy-train-kit lovers: I have one on my to-do list. What sort of style would you prefer: the puffy felt style I tend to use (like here) or a paper/sticker look. Or do you have your own style suggestion?

I like the paper/sticker type but I would definitely be thankful for anything you do since you do such lovely work smiley

paper/sticker if I have to choose! But since my grandson Loves trains of any kind either one will do!!!

Sounds great, I have two Grandsons and I would love some trains, thanks for the links everyone