ISO Victorian or Shabby Chic roses

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ISO Victorian or Shabby Chic roses

I am looking everywhere for the Victorian roses elements and backgrounds to use for a sticker layout I am working on for my planner. Does anyone have a hidden gem somewhere?

Hi Kimmy! I love Victorian / vintage / shabby styles. Have you looked at The Graphics Fairy? She has tons of pretty things (free and premium options). Try also Vecteezy, Freepik and Pixabay. Search for "vintage rose" and lots of pretty stuff should come up.

I joined Graphics Fairy. I have looked high and low on the other sites too, but I am looking for something I am not finding. Maybe I should give up?

Maybe you could describe more precisely what you need? I'd be glad to help you find it.

Thank you. I want a Victorian rose square with room to use it as a journaling card. I would like the roses to be a little sharper than watercolor.

Something like this? Not sure if it's a rose or not? This is a small version. There's one in a $3 pack on Etsy.

@Kimmy - when you say Victorian rose this is what comes to my mind:

Is this the type of thing you're looking for, or something else?

That is it exactly.

The one Marcy shared or the one I shared?

The one Marcy shared.

It's from The Graphics Fairy. Search using the words: vintage rose
(and you will see a lot of them, including this one)

I too am a lover of victorian/vintage stuff...

Here's another great site for free vintage images that I've used quite a bit:

Vintage Images Gallery

TY, Brenda.

This site has a ton of great vintage borders and frames, so they might have something like what you're looking for:

smiley Sunny' freebies might be what you are looking for. Lookie here.

I agree that searching The Graphics Fairy site is likely your best bet but you can also check out The Old Design Shop.