ISO: Wedding Scrapbook Kits/Elements

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ISO: Wedding Scrapbook Kits/Elements

Got married this weekend (yay!). It will still be about six weeks before I get my pictures back from my photographer, but want to find things I can scrap them with now. My wedding colors were royal blue and a pastel-y lime green. I'm looking for kits that are a little more elegant or rustic looking. There was lots of burlap, twine, and wild flowers at my wedding if that helps at all. Any suggestions are welcome. smiley

Also, if anyone has posted or seen any wedding layouts in the gallery, links for those would be helpful for inspiration as well. smiley

Congratulations on your wedding Brittany! I hope more experienced people with wedding layouts will help you soon!

I made this wedding kit for a friend, and it includes both royal blue and lime, so that may help you a bit:

With the fall season on us I think you'll start seeing various twine and burlap elements coming out (I know I've made a few that will be published in the next couple of months).

I'm looking for some wedding kits myself. I've been married for a year and have yet to scrap my ceremony pictures smiley

Rosey Posey has this burlap stuff:

ViVa Artistry has this wedding kit: