Journal Cards: Rounded or squared corners? Your opinion please!

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Journal Cards: Rounded or squared corners? Your opinion please!

I'm making some journal cards for the upcoming November blog train. I used to make all my journal cards with rounded corners, Project Life style, but then I realized that having square corners makes them much more versatile - for example, even on various templates with 3x4 journal spots with rounded corners, not all have the same degree of rounding, so you can end up with a journal card that doesn't properly fit the space. But of course with square corner cards you risk cutting off important parts of the card if you end up clipping them to a rounded template.

It may be all-around more practical to make square-corner cards, but gosh, sometimes they just look nice with rounded corners. So I'd love for you guys to weigh in if you have an opinion or preference. If you have no idea what I'm talking about here are some examples of both kinds, and you can form an opinion on the spot if you like smiley

personally... I prefer them squared off (then either a template included or instructions for newbies of how to round the corners) for 2 reasons... saves you the designer time & saves me space not having both on my HD. Plus if I want it straight, I got it straight... if I want it rounded, I round them myself. (so I end up with the freedom to choose what my personal preference is from layout to layout. smiley

I think they´re prettier with round corners. But sometimes I do them squared...

I prefer rounded corners, they look more finished to me.

I always leave mine square, figuring people can round them as they like.

square corners might be easier for hybrid scrappers, too.

I like both... lol Guess I'm no help. smiley

Square. I can give them rounded corners myself if I need to. Square corners fit my (usually) square pictures/frames.

I leave mine square so people can do with them as they please smiley

I like rounded corners, I agree with squared ones you get both options.

This is great, thank you all so much for taking the time to give your opinion!

I've been so tired this week I think there may not end up being journal cards after all for this blog train, but this has been food for thought for future designing. Thanks!