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@Carla: I'd start simple, maybe make a couple of papers.There aren't any requirements for joining, so feel free to keep it small and simple.

This is a wonderful palette!

TYSM Marisa for those ideas!!!

May we also ccordinated a kit to sale on store...or is it forbidden for this kind of Blog train???

I might actually have this done! Wow! My first blog train. I can't believe it! smiley

Sneak peak from my part (4 papers and 10 elments)

i will alos make a kit for sale coordinated...i finally find some inspiration...the pondlife is not so easy for me!!!

I have a long weekend this weekend so I'll be working on my kit and hopefully have it done this weekend. I have so many ideas and have started to pull stuff for inspiration and resources, but other than that, I haven't had much time to do anything to get this going...

Here is my sneak peak smiley

Here is my sneak peak:

it looks awesome Sheila!

Thanks Saskia, I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with:)

The sneak previews look great! I hope to give you a sneak preview of mine soon. It doesn't help when we are going away Thursday till Monday, still have my laptop of course, but no internet! Perhaps I will need the weekend to bring it all together!

Everyone's parts are looking great! Can't wait to see everything when it's ready.

@Marina: You may make coordinating parts for your store if you'd like.

Can't wait for 'the real thing', these sneak peaks are making me curious smiley

The turtle you made is adorable, Marisa!

When are our blog codes due? I have not started but was thinking I could whip something up.

@Michelle: I'll put up the sign up thread a few days before June, so I guess you should be done around then.

WOW Love the previews, clever girls.

@Marisa: Will you leave the thread open until May is over? I'm just now starting, or perhaps finishing...lol Not sure which one at this point, I'll see how the weeks goes. If it's crazy, I might not get anymore done, but was going to wait just a bit to find out if I could add just a few more items to my part.

Just a few more days until June! I'm excited to see everyone's parts! I'll be posting the sign up thread in the next couple of days, which I will try and leave open so latecomers can join.

I finished mine, the first time I participate in a blogtrain here and I'm very excited in it

I finished mine, just need to get things set up in a draft blog, ready for June 1.

Thank you Marisa for keeping this activity going. It's really a great source of learning.

I like the sneak peaks everyone has been putting up. I really like the bubbles - mine didn't turn out so pretty, but I don't have time to spend on it right now, so here's my sneak peak. smiley

These sneak peeks are awesome! I can't wait to see the whole kits. I'm frantically trying to get mine done.

I'm just now getting to work on mine. I have to agree with everyone, the sneak peeks are great! Can't wait to see everyone's parts. Luckily, we are a fishing/lake/camping family so I already have some cute brushes to start with smiley

I have been checking and waiting to sign in smiley I am so afraid I am going to miss the sign in part when Marisa puts it up! Yikes!

Ack, only a few more days to get things lined up. I'm loving all of the previews! I've gotten a few things made but am still hoping to get a few more done before the end of the month. Yikes, where has the time gone?!?

I decided to work on this, and it was a lot of fun smiley

Here is my sneak peek

Here's mine:)

Here's my sneak peak:


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