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And this one is the Marrakesh Marketplace..........


So many ideas ladies! I'll let the brainstorming go on a bit longer and then I'll set up the poll. Also, if things go well we're going to have a special surprise for this blog train...hopefully make things a little easier for everyone.

though for that one I'd like to add the tan of the stick and the cream/white of the middle pop to have a couple more neutrals to work with


can you please make an upgraded palette? So we substitute that one smiley I could do that, but I´m totally ouf of time this week...

@Sunny: Really LOVE your palettes... hard choice!

@Marisa: Now I wanna know what you´re planning o.O

Oooh...I really like your color palette Sunny. It reminds me of a hot summer night & fireflies.

"My two favorites are Loriens' masculine theme pallete and then Cintia's lily pond theme pallete"

I agree! Beautiful....

I LOVE Lorien's "Sweet Things" colors! I also like the "Forever Boys" idea and the pond life colors.

Last suggestion from me - Sort of a Magical Garden......


@Lorien, what do you think of this? Give a holler if you'd like any changes. smiley

Its perfect Janet smiley

I love all the colors. This one is going to be hard this time. lol!

Love'em all but my eye keeps coming back to Sunny's Moroccan Marketplace and Lorien's "Candies, cupcakes and other sweet things" I think I have the mental bandwidth for only five colors!

Oh guys, now you are just making things to hard! I can't choose anymore, there are so many gorgeous palettes and cool theme ideas!!

@Sunny: I love ALL of your palettes, although your magical garden is more an 'autumnal theme' to me. And even though the Moroccan/Marrakesh theme totally stumps me (no creative idea floating in my head), I would like to give it a go (I had no idea for Birds&Bees as well and that turned out OK).
@Lorien: Way to make others work for you girl smiley I love both palettes, I still like the boy-theme best. I think... Or maybe the summer one... Or... Ugh, too hard to choose smiley
@Holly: I love your theme title "tooty fruity summer beauty", that makes me smile and think of happy days.

I love all the ideas, but especially Lorien's idea for a masculine themed kit. I'm trying to figure out how to post a few palettes that I found on pinterest.

I love pretty much all of these but I am still so IN LOVE with "pond life" smiley

I love everyone's ideas. All of them have such potential. I'm a huge fan of outdoor or nature topics. Living in hotter-than-blazes Texas, some of those pastel palettes look very spring-y to me. I LOVE Sunny's Moroccan Market palette. Sunny for the Northern hemisphere and a bright spot in winter for the Southern hemisphere. I can't wait to hear other ideas.

While I do like some of the other color schemes that have been added, "Pond Life" is still my favorite...

upppp... now there's three I like! adding Sunny's Magical Garden. This is going to be a tough one to choose. Lovely palettes ladies!!!

here are 3 that I think are pretty smiley

Ooh Bree, I really do like your third pallet...very sunshiny and beachy. It's not at all something that I would choose on my own...but I really like it!

Hope you don't mind if I post 2 color inspirations? I would love to see no pink in the June blog train. smiley

This first one is called DessertBrights and the second one is PoppyColor.

DessertBrights by tinkbastian

PoppyColor by tinkbastian

I second your "no pink" motion, Christine! I'm working on a Marie-Antoinette themed kit right now and I've just about seen enough pink for the coming few months! I love all the fresh green-blue-beige like palettes!

@Bree: I´m in love for your first color palette

@Christine @Melo: I wouldn´t mind a bit of pink for June, but I´m still in orange vacation, unless its only a bit of it to get contrast :p

I'm loving the pond idea too

Yeah, I could see there being no pink in this one. The two websites I pulled from have so many palettes, I didn't know which ones to choose. I really like the third one too, although I think I would add white or a lighter cream color as well. I like the second palette that Christine made.

@Sunny - I'm very drawn to your palettes so far. I think I am craving some rich, bright colors after the relatively muted ones of our last train.

I'm pretty easy going when it comes to colors, though - it's very much a "know it when I see it" thing for me so it's impossible for me to tell from looking at a palette if it's something I'll be excited to use later.

Wow - Really hard to make a choice! Everyone has such great suggestions!

I'm happy with whatever the final decision will be. smiley

It's going to be lovely, whatever is chosen. I am still with a pond theme though and I love the colours suggested but for those that like brighter colours, pond flowers, butterflies and dragonflies are so pretty and could incorporate just about any colour so the palette does not need to stick to the greens and blues. I'd suggest a palette but I'm useless - hats off to all the beautiful suggestions.

Love your colour palette Cintia. I would however like to add a couple of yellow/oranges for the goldfish!

I like the summer breeze by Nadia... makes me want summer here, now! (as I stare at the snow still outside my office window smiley )


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