June Blog Train Voting

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June Blog Train Voting

Which palette and theme would you like to use for the June blog train?

Pond Life image
Pond Life
33% (45 votes)
Sweet Things image
Sweet Things
25% (34 votes)
Morocco image
22% (31 votes)
Summer Breeze image
Summer Breeze
18% (25 votes)
Total votes: 135

They are all great choices. Love them. xoxox Beth

Has the theme been decided yet? Shouldn't it depend on the theme? I do love the Pond theme and those colour are great for that theme. If we are not doing the pond theme I like the Morocco colours!

I voted

I voted, but any of those colour schemes would make a great kit.

The Morrocco is my favorite color scheme, probably because there's a lot of contrast smiley any one of them I'm sure would turn out great though!

awesome colors can't wait to see which one wins.

Morocco's colors are so vibrant! I love them!

I keep on holding off on voting. Part of me wants to go with my usual choice and another part wants to be challenged by doing something completely different. Argh...gonna wait a bit longer.

The poll is scheduled to close on the 27th. It looks like it's going to be a close one! Or maybe there will be a late pull ahead winner....What drama!

Yeah, if the colab idea turns out well, I guess we will need to do two colabs, because this is almost a technical draw between three choices...

I would like to second Angela about the theme, because I think one pallete would suit better some themes than others and maybe we would have voted differently... or are we deciding color pallete and theme all together? If so than it is all good and I voted already. But I do think they are all really great and will be lovely to work with!

Wow. I'm watching the voting, and as of right now, it is tied between two of them! This is really cool, waiting to find out the winning palette.

Well, I went with something I wouldn't typically choose and by golly I tied it. Ironically, my second choice is the other one that is tied. It'll be interesting to see where this goes! smiley

love the beachy colors of 'sweet things'

Wow, they are all so good, it was hard to pick just one but I did. I love the vibrancy of Morocco but the color reminds me of late summer, so in thinking of June, I went with Summer Breeze. smiley

Oh, come on Pond Life! I have a bunch of fun froggy-fishy-felting ideas swooshing around in my brain!

Although I probably have more photos that go well with the summer breeze theme. Oh well, back to the drawing board... smiley

It´s, in fact, a very close range of votes. The one with fewer votes is only 9 votes behind the first... it could be considered a technical tie among all of them.

It really is close:) I love all of them though, so it will be fun no matter which one wins! So many possibilities. How exciting!

I'm still hoping for pond life... There's just so many ways you can go with that - beach, lake, pond, outdoors. And the color palette is so soothing. I also like pond life because the color palette (to me, at least) is gender neutral. The palettes with pink & orange IMHO are really just for girls...

I voted


I like pond life color palette too Liz, but I have no affinity with ponds at all, I´d be very happier with the same palette for a manly kit... I could make a carp pond if there was orange and gold, but I feel no inspiration with this palette along with the theme... I am a VERY urban person.

Wonderful colors!!!

I voted for pond life ; second choice would have been summerbreeze although each palette is very nice.

I voted for pond life, but each palette is beautiful!

This will be my first time participating in the blog train here, I'm excited to join up. I voted but wow, was it a hard decision. All of these color schemes would make fabulous kits. I voted for pond life with summer breeze being a close second. But my family spends lots of time at the lake, boating and fishing so pond life seems a good choice to scrap all my family pictures from summer's past smiley

@Lórien: I understand... That's where you & I differ a bit - I like the country - not an urban/city girl at all... LOL After I got out of college I couldn't wait to get out of the city - it was like "off to the hills!" LOL I missed trees & grass & flowers & birds and what not. Wide open spaces... Plus I like the slower-paced lifestyle, being able to see the stars clearly at night (no light smog interference), hear the crickets & streams outside, see fireflies flying about at night, and cleaner air and less traffic.

I went with my first choice - Morocco, although I do like the pond life and summer breeze. I'm about done in on pastels, so sweet things doesn't really appeal to me, although it is a pretty palette.

all of them are great. but I miss summer smiley

Really hard to choose, but I'll pick Pond Life.


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