Keeping Track of Credits

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Keeping Track of Credits

How do you keep track of the credits on your layouts?

While I scrapped I kept Notepad open to create my credit blurb for posting in galleries but once I posted it I didn't keep a copy of my note. Now I'm having to go back and recreate my credits since the galleries where I'd posted many of my layouts no longer exist. Now I'm thinking I should have a hidden text layer in each of my layout files to keep that info. The only problem is if I ever wanted to delete the layered file I'd have to think of something else anyway so maybe I should start with the something else right off the bat!

What do you do?

You might save the txt file with a similar or identical name as the layout and store it in the same place as the layout, or somewhere close to it. That's how I sort anything I have downloaded from others - I keep their TOU files in the same subfolder as the resource. smiley


I'm going to lock this thread to keep things easier for people to find at a later date, but there is a very thorough post here on the second page of the forums here where this subject was discussed by several of us.

Please feel free to add your question(s) or idea(s) to that thread for all to be able to see the contributions of ideas in one location. smiley

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