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Kit Tags - Ideas

Now that I'm uploading kits, I was wondering what you thought would be useful to tag them with.

Colors are their own section, and if there's an obvious theme I'll tag that, but I'm wondering about other tags that maybe I'm not thinking about. What would you use to search for a kit?

Here's a few: boys, girls, spring, summer, winter, fall, nature, sports, holidays (christmas, thanksgiving, st. patty's day, etc.)

I am always looking for: art journaling

Are boys and girls kits differentiated by much more than color (unless it's got like trucks and/or barbies in it...). Since you can search kits by color, I'm wondering what else is really important.

Most of my kits are more or less generic themes, it's just the colors that change...

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@ Marisa: Gosh, I don't know. I know color is part of it for sure, but sometimes it's the style &/or types of elements.

For example, shabby chic or floral stuff would be for girls & grungy or very modern-looking stuff for boys. Off the top of my head, when I think of boys, I think of: dirt, sports (traditional & outdoors), cars, bugs, computers, etc. For girls: flowers, dress-up, princess, etc.

Personally, I like more gender neutral stuff. As you know I'm not big into flowers, but I admit I really like your paper flowers, Marisa, and will use them from time to time. Though my oldest said to me (about the karate page I made), "Mum, really? Did you have to put flowers on it? It would have looked much better without them." LOL Boys... smiley

I agree...sorting by style could be helpful (but in my case not a necessity).

My searches are pretty simple:

Holidays or Celebrations: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Wedding, Birthday, etc.
Seasons: Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter
Color: Green, Brown, Orange, etc.

Here are some: Fall,winter,summer,autumn,new year,thanksgiving,christmas,birthdays,girls,boys...

Hope they help