Layouts: Converting paper to digitial layouts.

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Layouts: Converting paper to digitial layouts.

I have few paper layouts I've pinned over the years. I was wondering if there is a way to take a paper layout and then convert it so it can be used as a digital layout? Thanks!

In thesis, you can scan them. But as they´re not flat and they usually have lots of shiny things, they won´t have a very good quality scan. I´ve seen some people who scan the photos and re-do the pages digitally. Some do completely different pages, others try to recreate the same page with similar assets - I´ve seen both kinds of work shown here in this forum - hopefully someone can poin the topics for you, because I don´t remember for sure who were the people...

I've taken very high quality photographs of some of mine with my DSLR and saved them to a DVD for my sisters and brothers, but I've never printed them... so not sure how that would work. I usually just do a digital layout if I want something that can be printed several times, though. smiley

Thanks Lorien and Shawna