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Live Layout Broadcast & Chat

For a long time I've wanted to do some sort of live event, but I haven't been able to figure out how it works exactly. It's occurred to me, that really the only way to figure it out is to just do it. So I'm going to set the date and time, and hopefully a few people will come and we can figure out what's going on. At this point, I can't promise it will work, but something will happen. I'm sure it will be magical. So, if you have a little time to spare and feel like helping me out with this project, please stop by.

What: In an ideal world I will broadcast my layout making, and hopefully there will be some chatting going on (possibly chatting with mouths, so if you have a microphone and are inclined, have that ready). Also, there will probably be text chatting too. We'll see.

Where: Probably Google Hangouts. I'll post the specific link and directions at the time.

When: Saturday, March 1 at 9:30 am Pacific Time (GMT -8).

Let me know how that time works for you, and maybe in the future if we're successful we can try out other time slots.

Marisa, I really have difficulties to understand when people put names to timezones. In GMT scale, what is the "Pacific time"? (for example GMT -3 which is my timezone...)

I've updated the details. I always just google whatever the time zone is. Also, once I saw a website where you could link to what the time was for the person. I haven't been able to find it again, so if you see it, let me know.

this is a really fun idea, I love live events! The time is okay... a little early on a Saturday morning for me but I could make it work, and yes I am in the Pacific time zone, haha

Sounds like fun!

12:30 pm EST - good time for me - hope to make it... smiley The kids are on school vacation that week, however, so there's a possibility I might not be able to.

For anyone having Time Zone trouble, go here:

Plug in the date/time Marisa gave you for her time zone, then select "U.S.A. - Washington - Seattle" as your place to convert from. In the boxes below that, select the location closest to you under "place to convert to." Easy peasy...

If you're a visual person, this one was neat:!cities=234

Unless you all want to see me post hen's night all dressed in Burlesque, I won't make this one but LOVE the idea for sure (especially being on the other side of the world from most!). I'm a night owl when it comes to creativity, so the 1:30 AM does kind of (strangely) work for me ha!

Awesome! I will be there if at all possible smiley

If this were to become a more common occurrence it might be neat to have a floating schedule - i.e. the next one is at a different time of day - to give more of our awesome community an easier chance to join. --- just my thoughts

I am looking forward to this.

That is Sunday 3:30AM. That's okay. I might skip this one. smiley Enjoy it.

I have no idea how Google Hangouts works, can someone post a link so that others of us can test prior to the event time? (11:30 am my time...might be available, though I think it will be during daughters spring break...looks like son won't get one as they'll use it for make-up days.)

Because of my system, I have to be careful what I have running when I do things like Skype and GIMP...and sometimes it just won't run at the same time.

It's a good time... just not sure if we have something going on since it's a Saturday... Weekends usually hubby picks stuff to do. smiley
But I maybe can check it out and see how it works. Is this similar to Skype? That's what I use to vocally and visually chat with family. Do we need to make sure we're signed up with Google Hangouts upfront? Are there any tutorials on using Hangouts? LoL So I can make it work for sure. LoL

eta: I see others have similar questions... maybe I can look for a google hangouts tutorial to share. hmmm?

OKie Dokie! So I already have a GooglePlus account, so I'm part of the way there smiley
Here's an awesome video from a lady on how it works for everyone to get ready for Marisa for next Saturday if you want to participate.

Nice work Shawna!

I´m not sure what´ll do next week still... It´s long holiday here, my hubby won´t be working, and I´m not sure if we will go somewhere... We use to do something nerdy every year in this holiday...

Just for the sake of curiosity... You will be making a LO while we chat... we will just chat? Not making layouts together, or after the event following the instructions? Will you be able to follow the chat and concentrate on the layout at the same time (it´s hard)? You will demonstrate some kind of tecnnique, in a way it´s like a live class? There will be someone who will type what other people say if there are people that can´t copy with the accents, as there probably will be people from all over the world? (when we live-chatted while playing games, specially when there were important guild meetings, we needed someone to actualy type everything that was really important, because sometimes people forgot to say slowly and we had 4 non-native English speakers and 8 native in the group... so both used to happen: Natives not understanding foreigners´accents, and foreigners having dfficult to process the meaning of what natives said because they talked so fast! With ocasional connection problems from some of us that made the messages arrive broken... ) voice chats are fun, but they can be complicated sometimes...

I will definitely try to participate. Do you want it to be a speed/slow scrap event? I've participated in a few now and it's a good format. We can type/chat and gather supplies for a page or scrap at the same time...

Hmm, 18.30 here, that is almost our put the kids to bed time... Oh, my calendar tells me I'm not even home that day! Dang, I would love to hear all your voices in real time, but I will have to join another day. Have fun!

Oh.... I didn't know you needed to have a Google account to do this (I really do not want to join). Or am I reading this wrong?

Yaaay! What a fabulous idea! I love it!

For anyone in Europe (GMT+1 - one hour after London) that will be 18:30 on Saturday afternoon.

I'll do my best to be there.
This will be great fun!

@Lizanne: I'm not sure you actually need a google account to see it, and I may settle on a different program entirely, so don't worry.

As for my plan, I'm mostly just interested to see if this works, how it works, so then I can know in the future what all is involved, what I can do while also leading the chat (as Lorien asked a good question, can I chat and scrap at the same time? We'll find out!). So I was just going to stick with the simple idea of making a layout, and you can do as you like. If you'd like to scrap along I'd suggest deciding before hand what photos/kits you're going to use. Also, I'm now wondering if I can scrap under pressure. Ha ha. It will all be a big surprise. Maybe I'll plan a few steps for the layout ahead of time just in case.

This sounds extra fun. I don't have a mic, but I can "type chat" with the best of'em!! smiley

That's 12;30EST for me, and I know my daughter has a basketball game that morning, so I should be home.

How long will it last Marisa???

super fun! I'll have to skip this time, but hope to join in on a future one! smiley good luck with the logistics smiley

@Kiana: People keep asking questions, like I have some clue what I'm doing smiley. I'd guess about an hour, we'll see how things go!

@Marisa - LOL....well I'll try my best to be around!!!

I'd love to join this but won't be able to this time, will have to wait for the next one. Best wishes to everyone participating this round! x

I've posted final details here.

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