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Live Scrapbooking Chat

With so many people home right now it seems like a good time to get a live scrapbooking chat going. A few questions as we get ready to set something up.

1. Let me know in the comments if you're a regular user of either the platform Zoom or Bluejeans. These are the two live chatting platforms we're considering.

2. The times that work best for me are 1:30 or 7:30pm CST. (IE: naptime and after bedtime). I am pretty much always doing craft time in the 1:30 slot, so we could easily make that a recurring meetup. Evening is less ideal for me, mostly because my brain doesn't work as well in the evening, but I realize it may work better for others. Vote below and let me know what your preferences are.

1:30 CST works best for me
57% (11 votes)
Either time works for me
36% (7 votes)
7:30 CST works best for me
5% (1 vote)
Neither time works for me (let us know if the comments what does work)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 19

sorry i don't use the platforms you mentioned.

Sorry don't know or have either platform you mentioned smiley

I love this idea!!! smiley smiley

I have been using Zoom for the last 1,5 weeks to teach and give lectures to my university students now that we're all quarantined and it works great! I don't have a subscription to it yet, but just use the free web version.

1:30 pm cst will work best for me, because then it will be 19:30-20:30 (depending on daylight saving time which will happen March 29 in Europe) in the evening in Europe. 7:30 pm cst will be way after midnight.

Can't wait! smiley

sorry i don't use the platforms you mentioned.

I don't use either. But I'm sure that I can figure either out, as long as the one chosen is free.

I have never used either platforms you mentioned.

I have just downloaded Zoom in order to do a conference call with my colleagues, but I didn’t test it yet.

I use Zoom all the time!

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