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Live Streaming Event Details

Here's the actual reality of what will be happening tomorrow (see here for the original post).

What: This will be a live-stream event. This means that I will be live and broadcasting the work I am doing on my computer (tomorrow I'll be working on layouts). I'll be talking a bit, but probably mostly working. You will be able to watch and chat in with questions and chat with me and each other on the side. You don't have to come for the whole time, or right at the beginning. Things will just be going on and you can stop by.

Apparently live-streaming is a thing you can do all the time, so if you can't stop by tomorrow, don't worry. I plan to make this a part of my daily routine. So whenever I'm doing interesting things, you'll be able to watch. We'll hopefully be able to make it pretty obvious here on Pixel Scrapper when I'm broadcasting. Also, since I usually work a pretty regular schedule, I'll also plan some more interesting events at other times so we can pick up those of you who can't watch during my regular work day.

What I'm interested to know, if you're watching, is moments that are useful to you. So if I do something that was helpful, or interesting, or that you want to know more about, please let me know!

Where: You can watch the live stream here: (You can watch the stream without logging in, but if you want to chat, you'll need to make an account with or connect via Facebook)

When: Saturday, March 1 at 9:30 am Pacific Time (GMT -8) and beyond!

Be there or be square!! Lol

Gonna try to make it!

fun stuff! smiley

15 min left or im lost on space and time again?

I think you've got it right!

Yay! Mom´s calling for lunch (did I mention that my mother is my neighbor?) Will lunch, check her cat, and be back soon!

Watched for awhile tried to comment but the thing did not seem to like my password I guess. I entered a password and nothing happened.

Me too Michelle, I had the same problem! I even tried to log in via FB, I hate doing that because I have no idea what they do with the info. I watched for a bit Marisa, but I couldn't figure out how to chat. thanks for the FB reminder too, or I would have missed it all together!
Hope you do it again soon!

I think that the Live Streaming Event went well. Thanks for trying it out for us Marisa and Jordan. It was nice that it was like a scrapping event with your friends - which is harder to do digitally I think as I hate to scrap on the laptop. I enjoyed that you played music most of the time while to typed. I also liked that you did unmute and use the mic when you were showing us how to make scallops.

I am looking forward to the next one. I do still think it would be a great idea to rotate the time for it around.

Was able to finally watch, and then signed up. Ladies who were having troubles chatting, and with the password....I first had troubles signing up for an account cause it told me that I had done the Security Check for Live Person, in caps...and then was getting a message that the user id, e-mail account etc was already in use...I tried entering my password in the create account area, and it kept telling me I finally bailed on it and went to sign in...and it had really set up my account cause I was able to get in.

Hopefully we'll have a lot that can work through bugs, or system issues, and be able to join us at different times.

I think it was helpful to be able to chat as Marisa was working on things, cause we figured out several different things that and asked questions back and forth.

My vote for continuing sessions! Off to pick up vehicles from the shop.

It was fun, AND I learned a few things that will help me out in the future!! Can't wait till the next one:) Thanks Marisa and Jordan!!

I am kicking myself for being forgetful and sleeping in!!

Catherine, I learned that I'll have to be up and ready on the laying in bed all cozy with a laptop, my old laptop had trouble with

I'm so bummed that I missed this - I had hoped to attend, but it turned out that it was at the same time as the family swim time at the Academy & we had promised the boys we'd go... Maybe next time?

Yaaay you guys, it was such fun! Exactly like @Kaleena said - it was like scrapping with your friends.
I am crazy inspired now smiley
For those of you that weren't able to logon although you signed up (without facebook), I found out that the system is a little weird.
Maybe this will help:

1. Go to the create acount page and you will be asked for a username and password, type your chosen name and pwd.
2. Press "create account" (The same page will be reloaded asking you for username and passord but it has actually created the account.
3. Click on "sign in" in the top right corner and use the username and password you created in step 1.

This should work - I tried it twice with different names and it worked both times.

Thank you Marisa and Jordan! Hope we can do this again soon.

Man, I was so busy Saturday I didn't even get to think about making it. Maybe the next time!!

I'm glad everyone had fun! I had fun too! We'll definitely be doing more of this, and we're thinking to maybe even integrate it more with Pixel Scrapper, so there won't be issues with chatting (also, we'll have a better idea of who people are!).

I'll probably do a little more broadcasting when I'm designing this week. For now I'll just announce on FB, and here too maybe.

For your info: I had problems to connect through facebook, so I needed to create an account on that site. I´m not very good on watching things - I need to be doing something while watching... this was a fun experience, but somehow a bit weird one too... I don´t know how to explain, lol.

I had to be in Charlotte by noon that day with the hubby so I missed out on it. I'm looking forward to the next time as I would love to hear all my internet friends' voices and meet them face to face. smiley