Looking for BABY layouts

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Looking for BABY layouts

An upcoming blog post is about "babies" so i am looking for layouts that feature something related to pregnancy, birth, newborn, etc. up to about 6 months of age.

The layouts will be used on my site with links to your gallery or blog or wherever you want, so that you can give the credits to the supplies designer(s) (i will give YOU credit as the layout creator, with the link).

This is for the August 1st blog post (theme of the month) so the sooner you post, the better. Unfortunately, i might not be able to use all the layouts you might suggest, but i will try to use the widest variety possible, so don't be shy.


(you can post the layout or just the link, your choice)

here is one i just recently made for the pocket challenge...

Thank you Gina.

This is one of the first layouts I ever made:

And one more of when I was pregnant:

If you look through my gallery I'm pretty sure I have a bunch more baby layouts. I hope I could help!!

Wow, I totally love this layout. Good job!!!

Thank you ladies!
Now, if i use any of your layouts, where should i link them? To your gallery here? to your blog? somewhere else?

@Melanie, i love that arrangement of photos and elements in the second layout. What an original idea!

You can link mine back to here.

here is one from me

and another one

and I have more...

We'll contact you for specific links if your layouts are picked (there are so many interesting ones that we can't use all of them!)

Thank you ladies.

The blog post is now live here:

If any link needs to be changed or directed somewhere else, just let me know.

Thanks for using some of my layouts! Nice article!

what a great post! thanks for including my layout smiley