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Looking for collaborators

I am wanting to create a charity kit to benefit my local animal shelter. They do not just take in strays but have addressed several hoarding and animal abuse situations. Last night they posted about a very bad farm situation. The update is below for anyone who is interested. But I must warn you, it is very disturbing so if you are squeamish don't read!

If anyone is interested in creating a collab with me, please email me at mollyharbridge @ me dot com or post here.



Animal Protection League Facebook

Update on the Madison County farm animals: There are over 100 animals alive. These include 8 mini horses, 2 ponies, 1 Llama, 6 sheep, countless rabbits and chickens, turkeys, pigeons, geese and ducks. At last count there are 75 plus dead but they are not done with the count. The living animals were living and sleeping with dead bodies. Dead bodies in different stages of decomposition litter the property. Dead animals fill the pens and cages. Dead bodies have been thrown in buckets, trashcans, some are covered by tarps. This is a horrible situation. The owner has had interviews stating that we are over reacting. We are not. There is no reasonable explanation for the animal abuse / neglect that has gone on here. The lack of humanity. The good news is we have places for all the animals with hooves, for the rabbits but we do need places for the fowl. They all must be removed today. Financially this is more than the Animal Protection League or the Madison County Sheriff’s Dept can handle. We need help to care for these animals. We need hay, sweet grass, 10 mucking buckets, oats, rabbit food and feed for the fowl. These supplies can be dropped off at the Animal Protection League at 613 Dewey St. Anderson 46016. We are closed today but the donations can be left at the front door. For monetary donations please send to the same address. Thank you to this community for all your help.
Director Animal Protection League.

Molly, so sorry to hear this. I would love to help but unfortunately I am in the first week of a class that is taking way more time than I expected! So unfortunately I don't think I can take part, sorry.

Hi Molly,
I'm willing to help with this. My husband and I support various animal groups here in Southern California. This is an issue near and dear to my heart. What's the plan?
Lou Anne

@Janet - np hope your class goes well!

@Lou Anne- well, I have Tiffany from Inspired by Dominic willing to collab with us. I have started a list and have several messages out. I will go find a color palette and post it. I have never coordinated a collab before so I am kinda winging it. Let me see who else is willing and then we can get an idea of number of papers and elements... If you know of anyone to ask, that would be terrific too! smiley

I'd be willing to help out!

I made a palette based on the following design seeds. You can download the .aco file HERE

Awesome Heather!

Sounds good Molly. I can't think of anyone outside PixelScrapper to ask but I'll ponder it. Let me know how I can help, aside from participating.

Will we have a specific theme? "Talk to the animals" popped into my head. Now I can't quit hearing the song.

You can sign me up Molly. I've been in a design stuper so this may be what I need to get moving again.

Be sure to post the final result so we can help get the word out.

I am an animal lover, and I couldn't bear to read that paragraph that you posted. I want to participate in the collaboration. Please count me in.

I´m on the same class as Janet Hull, so my time is also really short this month. What are the deadlines?

Well, I had a short deadline in mind but I realized last night that not everyone designs at the same pace and it would probably be better to release for the month of May. So, given that the kit will have to be QC'd and previewed (anyone great at previewing?), how about the 21st as a deadline?

@Lou Anne - I like Talk to the Animals as the theme (and thankfully I do not know the song so it can't get stuck in my head *wink*)

@Tina and Sharon- Awesome!

@Marisa- Will do!

Everyone- I am thinking 4 papers and 6 elements (unless you want to do more). If the amount throws you please don't let that discourage you from participating. Other ways to participate would be promoting the kit as it is released, helping with QC, doing a LO or hybrid project, doing the preview, recruiting other designers to contribute.

@Molly - I will try, to have it done, but can´t promise. If i get too overhelmed that I can´t design, I offer to make CT pages featuring my cats.

Count me in. My email is sugarbuttdesigns@yahoo.com
Give me a theme and color swatch and I'll start for you hun

@Lorien- Deal! smiley

@Jenn- shooting you an email now. smiley

I need the details too. I think I can handle 4 papers and 6 elements. Would it be PU or CU? Will you email the details? misplacedmermaid@gmail.com

Hi Molly,

Please give me the details. My email address is sharon.sweetdreamer@gmail.com.

Thank you, Sweetie!

Would it be possible to see the finished pallet? I tried to open the aco file in Photoshop...but didn't have any luck (I believe Photoshop can handle that file type.

Molly, I'm a little confused about the color palette. Will you confirm details with an email? misplacedmermaid@gmail.com

Hi Molly!

I agree with Lou Anne. I too am a bit confused will you please email me at sharon.sweetdreamer@gmail.com?

Thank you. smiley

Ugh i didn't mean to post...right now, traveling and one my hubby's smart phone. I don't think I can design this month, but if you need more CT, I've got a black lab, so i might be able to help with a preview or layout.

Did they find homes for the fowls? i now some homeschooler in Evansville area that might, might would take some. I also know a fellow who has started a small chicken farm.

I'm sorry I won't be able to participate with this, but perhaps if you posted at Digi Scrap Forum or Digi Shop Talk you will get more designers interested.

My email address is hdn123@gmail.com, can you send me the details, too?

I would love to participate

I am going to type up a document with details and with the final palette (I have now done a preview of the colors in the .aco file). Look for it later this evening here in the thread and in your inbox if you gave me an email address.

Thanks guys!

@Cat- Great idea! Thank you!

I am interested too. smiley

my email: dbsdigiscraps@gmail.com

I have a preview of what I did here. Any thoughts?