ISO: Breast Cancer Kits/Elements

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ISO: Breast Cancer Kits/Elements

I am a Breast Cancer survivor of two years and am looking for some breast cancer embellishments.

(edited by Shawna to start another ISO post)

Hi Denise! I'm going to change the title of this post per our rules listed here in this post for In Search Of posts... that way people will know you need help finding something and exactly what it is you are looking for... also makes it easier for people in the future looking for things similar to know which posts to read in the forums before having to ask themselves. smiley

I've also edited this post to include one item and then started another post here to ask for the other item since it will be easier for each type of embellies/kits to be found later if they are in separate posts.

Thanks for being a wonderful new addition to our little home on the web! smiley Please feel free to let us know if you need help with anything else.

Thanks Shawna, this was my first post and really need some guidance. So thanks.

NP Sweetie: I know it can be a little overwhelming. And that's what I'm here for to help you out as much as possible. smiley

btw Denise: a little tip... if you post a comment on the other ISO thread I started... it should give you notices at the top of the page when people comment to it... Although we are having some challenges/kinks with the complete roll out of that feature... it might make it easier for you to find updates when people post if the feature works for you. smiley {and it will be fixed if not for you now, eventually} It's just hard sometimes for Jordan to roll out really big changes with our 41K plus members all at once. smiley