Looking for Layouts to Critique and Fix

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Looking for Layouts to Critique and Fix

A while back I was posting layouts for critique on my blog. It wasn't working out exactly as I hoped it would, but I haven't given up on the idea!

I'm also trying to figure out how to teach people how to make better layouts. This is a new area for me, so I thought I'd start small. I'm looking for people who'd like to submit a layout for a somewhat "extreme" critique by me. I'd like to go one step beyond talking about what could be improved, and actually do it. So I'm looking for your layered .PSD file, so that I can move things around. I may use these as examples for future tutorials/classes I write, so make sure that you're okay with being on display.

Please send your PSD files to [email protected]. Thanks!

I'm sending you one. Fix away!

Oh I am so on this too!

Thanks! Catherine, I got yours. Tiffany, if you sent one I didn't get it (if you haven't sent it yet that's fine, but sometimes my email "loses" things so I wanted to check).

WooHoo! I'm sending one too. xoxox Beth

Great idea, Marisa! I am a total newbie to digi scrapping, so I might have one that will be a mess... I'll see if I can find one that is the best of the "messes" smiley

do you want layouts that are unfinished too? i was working on a few that never got finished, and most of my layouts could do with improvement.

If a layout were mostly finished, that would be okay too.

Looking forward to seeing your layouts!

oh, be careful what you wish for! LOL You are going to be really busy I think, I have a few that need serious assistance...

I have composition problems, so this sounds like a great idea.