loss of a loved one ideas

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loss of a loved one ideas

So I know it isn't the greatest topic but I am wondering if anyone has done this type of page and if so what did you use? My daughter recently lost a child during pregnancy and she is wanting to document the child with the ultrasound photos. Just looking for ideas or kits to use. On a good note she is expecting again due in February and both her and baby Jack are healthy.

I know I've seen kits for this exact thing... maybe check www.sweetshoppedesigns.com or www.thedigichick.com. I think that's where I've seen fertility kits. Hope that helps a bit!

thanks I will

I found a lady who has a whole bunch of kits on loss and grieving on her Pinterest Board. But I don't see many layout ideas for this - I guess it is a little too personal to pst for most people. I'm sorry for your and your daughters loss, but glad to hear she is expecting again and all is well. So you are soon to be a grandmother! You don't look it in your picture! smiley


I have done this, but it is often any kind of layout and I just cry my whole way through and I call it good therapy. I use any kit.
I've not done a loss of a baby though, so I usually have photos of the person.
I lost a granddaughter who lived 6 days a year ago, but I had photos of her.
Maybe you could do just a journaling layout and just write how you feel.

I had 2 miscarriages when I was in my 20s, and my daughter's first baby girl died only 8 hours after birth. It's such a devastating thing and so hard to face. I admire you for having the courage to do scrapbooking on this topic. If I ever get up the courage to scrap about these losses, I think I would take some things from generic baby kits and add a lot of angel wings and some word art that expresses what we feel at these times during our lives. Does that sound trite? I guess I will need to experiment with this idea, and see what kind of designs I come up with. So sorry for your loss. Hugs smiley

I lost a baby boy that was born too soon at 24 weeks. We spent 3 months in the NICU before he passed. I haven't had the heart to scrap anything about him yet but maybe one day.

Check out this Kit by Janet Scott

Also Angels Among Us by Crazy-4-monograms

And Never Forgotten is perfect I think

Oh, Karry I'm sorry you lost your baby boy.

Since posting yesterday that I didn't have the courage, I sort of got an idea that maybe I should really just sit down and design something. My idea is to just do some freebies because I don't think I'd feel right about charging money for this kind of thing. I started this Pinterest board to collect some inspiration. If anyone would like to be added to the board so you can pin things you'd like to see included in any designs, please send me a PM here on Pixelscrapper.

Thanks, this is grandbaby #2. Hadley will be 2 in December and Jack is due in February.

Thanks for all the help finding some good inspiration. I plan to use the ultrasound photos.