"Make A Kit" Challenge for July???

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"Make A Kit" Challenge for July???

Is there going to be one? I really love this challenge!!!

We're going to change things up this month a little on work on "Christmas in July." The prompts are a little less specific, so we'll see how people like that in comparison.


I saw it posted earlier, it is "Christmas in July". This week we are suppose to be planning our kit. Here is the link to the post: Christmas in July

OK...went and checked it out. IMO, I like the other format better! smiley Jus' sayin'!

I have never done one of these challenges but I liked the prompts I saw last month.
Do we have to do the prompts in order? I would like to do the elements before the papers.

Sharron, I think I'm going to change things up as well, since I wasn't able to create along with them before when they had the prompts I was thinking about going back and picking some that I wanted to do. Still not sure if I want to work on papers first before my elements...but then since I started designing I've not been thrilled with my papers. Dont know if I need to spend time up front working on them, to make sure I put enough into them or if I'll just get discouraged that way.

In the past Marisa has been flexible, just wanting to encourage us to do something more!

@Sharron - I think it would be fine if you did them in a different order, we are just happy for you to participate smiley

Thanks Laura and Dawn

I just put the papers first, because I often use the papers to make elements, therefore I make them first. But you can do whatever you'd like!