Making a Cut File from a JPG or PNG

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Making a Cut File from a JPG or PNG

Hi Everyone! Does anyone have a Silhouette or a Cameo? I don't have one and I make digital planner printables that I sell on Etsy. I've been wondering how to make a cut file when I don't have a silhouette or a cameo. Could I just include an all black PNG file that others can easily use to create their own cut files? Would that work?

That would work for my cricut, but if you wanted to have different layers so that it could have pieces to glue together to give the item more depth and intrest, save it as a svg file. I don't know how the cameos work though.

Thanks, Amber! I don't need the layers for these stickers, but I understand what you are saying. Thanks again!

You're Welcome!

Hi Erin. I have a cameo. Generally the cut file type is .svg. But if you don't have a program that will save it in that file type then you can certainly create a black .png shape. This will allow silhouette studio (or any cutting program, I believe) to trace the shape and then a pattern can be applied to it. Hope that helps!:)

Hi Erin,
I have a Silhouette Cameo.
To sell via the Silhouette Store, you will definitely need to have their software, and the professional version at that. But of course there are other ways to sell cutting files.
I make a lot of my own cutting files, so you could consider me an advanced user. I also adjust cutting files that I buy (very often, it's neccessary just because European standard sizes of cards etc. don't match US sizes).
I buy files from other sources than silhouette store often, but they have to be ready to use (minus the size adjustments mentioned above).
I wouldn't advise selling a package of 1 sheet colour and 1 sheet b/w, where people have to do the tracing themselves and then make sure that the two still match in the overlay.
To be quite honest: People who know how to trace well wouldn't buy this (because they know how to convert a coloured image into a b/w body) and people who don't know how to create a cutline from a shape won't buy this either. That leaves you with a rather slim target group.
Oh, and by the way - svg is not the best format for cameo, it does funny things in translation. SVGcuts and MyScrapChick are exemplary in providing a "menu" of what you downloaded so you can check whether you need to resize.
Having said that: You have given so much to me, I would be happy to test run a couple of items for you and tell you how they show up for silhouette people! Please free to contact me on this.
Love, Stef

Hi Stef! Thank you for your detailed response! I will probably take you up on your offer!

Good information for me as I am an end user.