Monitor Color Calibration?

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Monitor Color Calibration?

Not sure if this is the right forum for this or not, but look at the difference in the color on my monitors! Has anyone found a "fix" or workaround for using multiple monitors, outside of using a device like the Spyder???

On the left (external monitor), the pink looks more peach than pink, but on the right (laptop monitor), it looks pink!

they both look pink ... the left has more yellow tones and the right has more blue tones ... could you go into the monitor's settings and change the one you want to change ... personally I like the one on the left

Surprisingly, I found a color calibration tool within windows! Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display > Calibrate color

I tried it, but still get the same results...external looks more peachy than pink to me. Oh well, worth a shot!

Hey Tina, this won't be perfect, but you can get it a lot closer by doing a lot of monitor adjustments while working through this web-based site...It's what I've been using until I can afford to buy a colorimeter for myself.

They might also be set to differing color-temp presets, but if they're not the same brand/same model, even that won't help much, so going through the web-based monitor adjustment set is probably your best bet.

Your doubt is different from the discussion on this topic but I deceided to link it here for other people who are searching for it in the future.

My desktop and my laptop monitor also have this kind of huge gap between colors. A external monitor is usually true on colors than a laptop ones, since the inclination already makes a color change.

Thank you all for the input! Funny how you never really notice things like this (I've been using computers for 14+ years!)! smiley

Holly, I just checked Amazon and the Spyder 5 Express is $100! Woot!

Yeah, but after all the travel expenses last month, the pantry is pretty well bare and I need to restock that before I can consider any other upgrades, no matter how nice they'd be to have. smiley Sometime, 3 or 4 months down the line, it might happen--once I'm ahead of the budget again!