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Naming Kits

Just wondering where everyone comes up with ideas for naming kits. I see so many cute, creative names on kits.

I must admit I am terrible at this and never know what to call them. smiley

I also hate naming kits, which is why I now just do "The Good Life" every month. smiley

LOL, I have come up with something to coin phrase as well! I am so boring the one I just finished is "Valentines Day" How original! I know I have to rename it, just not sure what to call it.

i always thought the ons with alliterations or a song titels...Happy Hearts...crazy thing called love...or around the did Valentines Day; but did you create an image of two frogs kissing, you could call it Toadily Love...that sort of thing smiley

i cant make kits, but i love to use them! smiley

Oh wow, that is a great idea. Thank you, that gives me some inspiration! I can't do the frogs for this one since it is not at all in my color theme but I will be making more. I love that!

@Gina 'Toadily Love' is too funny!

@Julie If you are stuck & need inspiration maybe you can get some ideas from titles area of You can click on a category and get a bunch of titles for that category of a kit. Then there is the Words to Use site which if you click on a category you can see all kinds of words associated with it. I think the phrases can be especially usefully in coming up with the title for a kit. If nothing else it could be useful in getting the creative flow moving!

Dana shared these with me and I think they are fantastic resources for just this sort of thing!

Thank you so much, I also have a problem with coming up with words... smiley I have been copying and saving a file with just words to give me ideas. I will bookmark these sites, I truly appreciate it.

@Julie You are not alone! I am terrible with words & with explaining things. Its nice to find resources that can help in those areas tho! smiley

my mom was a librarian...words are kinda my jam smiley i am an avid reader, and love words and word play...if you ever need ideas just hit me up!!!

I looked up those sites you gave me and they will come in very handy! smiley

Don't be surprised if I do.... smiley

Naming kits always stressed me out. And I don't really design themey kits, so I decided to just name them like they are my kids, with actual names. Mine seem to always be girls for some reason. I need to fix that lol!

That's a good idea! I only have one daughter so maybe I can name them after dogs! LOL

the "real name" ideas is if you do a kit that has night time/stars theme you name it after Galileo...or a kit that use lots of bright colors could be called Vincent (like the artist vincent van gogh) smiley

Good idea, I am getting lots of good ideas from all of you ladies. Thanks!

I didn't mean after my actual children smiley , just choosing people names for my kits. Actually none of my kits here in the commons has any of my kids actual names. Maybe I should make each of them a kit! Great idea. This thread has worked out both ways! lol Now I have some designing inspiration I had never thought of!

Exactly! I have a kit named Minerva, that is a back to school inspired kit and I named it Minerva after Professor Minerva McGonagall of Harry Potter fame.

smiley They would probably like that.

That is a great idea, I would never think of something like that. My creativity extends no further than creating the items for scrap booking...LOL

I try and think of words people would type in google to find a if it's a summer kit, have the word beach, summer, ocean or something in the title.

I also hate naming kits and sometimes just come up with something random, especially if its my CU papers...I even named a bunch after my friends names, like:
emily - called papers emma lee
ashliegh - called them asha lee

LOL - naming kits sucks, I really want to call them 001, 002

Since I don't design that many kits, I don't have a lot of experience, but when I am designing the kits, the names just "come" to me. Or, the name will pop up in my head as I think about what I want on the kit.