Need help with a technique.

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Need help with a technique.

So, I'm trying to scrap some before and after pictures for my Father-in-Law's construction company. I have 2 pics one the house before they did the job and one after. What I want to do is have the pic of the before on the bottom and then I want it to look like a paint brush swipe goes across the before pic and where the paint is will be the after pic. I hope that makes sense. I want to show the contrast between the old exterior and the remodeled home. Any ideas on how to go about doing this? Thanks in advance!!

If I'm reading this right ... you want a streak of paint like it was painted onto the lower image and place the higher image so it takes the place of that streak of paint? .... you can make a mask of the paint streak on a separate layer ... there are lots of brushes out there that would give you that look and then once you have that the way you want it then use it as your mask

Thanks Susan, I was trying so many things last night and getting frustrated. Then today, it hit me, duh clipping mask!!