iNSD - Please Spill the Beans!!!

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iNSD - Please Spill the Beans!!!

Ok... So NSD is coming up very soon! MAY 03 to be exact but I know stuff starts early.

Everyone Please share here what you've been seeing advertised so far.

Awesome SALES
Can't Miss FREE Kits
Special NSD Blog Trains

We're ALL anxious to hear what you know! smiley

edited: to change date... bad typo smiley LoL

Hi Shawna~ Great idea for a topic!

Actually, iNSD is this Saturday on May, 3rd.
It always starts the first Saturday in May.
I think it gets confusing because everyone is advertising their sales and
freebies starting on many different dates.

I didn't bookmark anything, but I did bump into a few mentions of events on some blogs
and in some store newsletters I get. I'll see if I can find some info for everyone.

I'll be posting a freebie on my blog and running a sale in the store too.

I just posted some free journal cards and tags on my blog on Monday. So if anyone wants a
head-start on some freebies, they can grab them here

Actually, there is a freebie in every post, so snag anything you like! I also have a post with 3 free color
palettes if anyone is looking for some color inspiration.

Hopefully after this Awesome blog train we have coming up, everyone will still have some hard drive
space left for all the iNSD goodies....LOL! smiley

I don´t know if all of you know of it, but some of our PS members, like Jiovanna, Cinthia, Kiana, Pamela B. and myself had opened stores at ScrappyBee last month! At ScrappyBee, the iNSD celebration will be from the first to the fourth, and we will have 50% off on everything, a blog train and some challenges.

The blog train will start here on the first (and goes till the 15th, so plenty of time to snag it all).
The challenges will be held on our forum and you can find all the sales (PU and CU) here.

Lorien I was going to post about SB too smiley

I didn't know you opened stores at ScrappyBee, congratulations on all of you! I will definitely go check you out this coming iNSD!

XD Thanks Annu for remembering it and Melo (in advance) for visiting us during the event smiley

Just found some information on SNP: Here a iNSD colab on Mixed Media, by April (you probably know her, she´s a Pixel Scrapper member) and Karen, that, if you share the add on your FB today you have a chance to win tomorrrow morning (I will, since I´m broke!). Here a topic with the add, but one of them will be tomorrow, at 6pm PST, with MarieH...

I read that Scrap Orchard is going to be doing their "Olympics" again for iNSD. I did the last 2, so I think I'm going to skip this one this time & see what else is going on...

This is a little separate, but I got a newsletter from Michelle Batton Designs today & she's retiring. Everything in her store is $1 thru May 5th if anyone's interested. smiley

Also... As Lizanne mentioned: always has big stuff going on.
Here's there huge Farmer's Market $1 links (especially for the newbies)
CU here (approx 150 items)
PU here (approx 350 items)

Is this a month long thing? If so can we make this a sticky?

Karry: No, not month-long smiley It goes till the 4th...

Karry: It's kind of a Fast & Furious thing. smiley

It started in the paper scrapping world. I use to go every year way back. Usually always the first Saturday in May. It was called National SB'ing Day, but has sb'ing grew through the years, it became International sb'ing day (iNSD). So naturally as digital became big... we just started the trend to celebrate it too as the digital sb community because of downloads and so many people trying to get into servers back in the day about 8-10 years ago. Servers would "crash" all the time, so over the first couple years it became a "weekend" thing. Now the past 4 years I think it's been usually something that starts on most sites the Monday or Tues prior and goes through the Sunday after with varying degrees of sales or trains, freebies, giveaways, etc.

There is also now the past 5 years(??) a International Digital SB Day (iDSD) that does the very same thing for the digital sb'ing community on the first Sat (week leading up to) in the month of November.

So that's the basic idea behind these TWO different scrapbooking holidays. smiley --enjoy your finds! There are usually the best ones to be found during these times. smiley

Magical Scraps has tons of templates ect for just $1, plus if you spend $10 she will send you a GC for the same amount.

Sugar Hillco also has 60% off storewide and its cu and I totally raided Mommyish's store I love her things smiley

And here you can find all the blog trains happening


Pixels and Company has a free kit if you collect all the letters along the train:
There is a DigiScrap Parade on Facebook:

CU Digitals has a CU blog hop. The list is here.

I don't have the links, but some of the newsletters I've gotten have mentioned that Mscraps & MSAD are having hops (not sure if they're on the blogs or FB).

There's a mini blog train at SO starting here, matching the SOselfie mini kits:
Get It Scrapped is having an all day chat and giveaways on the hour.
TLP has a weekend full of events, and quite a few are international friendly:
AC digitals has 30% off their store, in case there was a paper line you loved smiley

Traditional CU SHCo Blogtrain started today - I already rided it, all stops are up. See the list here:

Just found out where there´s a master list for GDS blog train. The theme is "love you mom" and the color palette is very pretty, for the bright color lovers. There are some art-journaly portions.

GingerScraps has a FB hop. Stops are listed here:

GS is also having a $1.00 Bake Sale:

Ooooo... this ones pretty cool by ScrapsNPieces! It's called Somewhere in Time and covers the 1960's to the 1980's.
Here's the blog post listing them all:
BTW it's a FB hop

I just added another iNSD freebie to my blog today and there is one from yesterday too.

The 55% off sale in my stores ends tonight at midnight USA EST and I added new CU4CU products.
The freebie today is a full size pack that goes with the sets added today.

The sale makes everything affordable....
CU clipart packs are as low as 99 cents and full kits are as low as $1.35
There are also freebies in both stores.

You can find my blog here

If you haven't been there before, just scroll down the posts for all the freebies.
I think I have a freebie in every post....LOL!