Oh no, it happened again

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Oh no, it happened again

I went to use a template, and it had a font I don't have. I went in search of the font, and now I am seven fonts deep, without having found the one I was looking for. But look at all of these beautiful fonts! I don't have a problem, I don't!

... I might.

Does this happen to anyone else? How do you keep yourself on track and not get lost down the veritable rabbit hole of possibilities?

And I really love your personality that shines through in this post! Funny, for DAYS!!! smiley

Every time I find a new resource for free CU fonts, I end up like this. "Ooh, look, an archive!" [30 new fonts later....]

I am a font addict! I have thousands backed up everywhere yet I can never CHOOSE a font when I need it and I can never have enough.....it's a sickness I know! smiley I am that way about anything that has to do with creating, designing something.... smiley

smiley So feel ya... here is from the one that spends hours on fonts just to end up with Arial and Times New Roman.

I'm a font aficionado too! To the point that I can name probably over 50 just by memory. and I have like 3000 in my archive. I've whittled a lot away recently, searching for only CU fonts because I don't want to make a mistake when designing...but yes. I LOVE FONTS!

Yup, I hear you. I chose one font for PL and used only that for years. Then in the PL app I refused to buy “add your own fonts” for ages. I’ve added them now but I am strict with just using a small number of fonts. I like consistency and I’m sick of wasting my time.

I am still on the hunt for the illusive "a bit spindly, a bit swirly, with some nice flare, but also legible". This is why I end up using something spinny and fancy for titles, and then swap in a super simplistic font for 99% of the page, because I can't find something that meets my desire and hits the balance.

On the way, it does feel a little like I'm in "Chicago", because on the way I found Ruth... Gladys... Rosemary... and Irving. Oops.

@Rachel: Way to go. Font consistency more often than not breaks or makes an album. smiley I sometimes find it hard to even read the fonts.

One of the main problems I see with font use is people using display fonts or other less-readable ones for body text, when they should be kept to word art and titles/headers/etc. For body text, you should pick a good consistently readable font.

And I agree on the font consistency, with kits as well as albums. I use NexusFont to sort my fonts, and for each kit I make, I make a much smaller collection of a certain number of fonts to use within the kit for consistency, so I don't have more than 20 total fonts in use (and of those 20, some are simply bold or serif or flourish/doodle variants of others, or they're font pairs of, say, a script and a block font meant to work together). That way my kits aren't all over the board either.