Oh no, it happened again

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Oh no, it happened again

I went to use a template, and it had a font I don't have. I went in search of the font, and now I am seven fonts deep, without having found the one I was looking for. But look at all of these beautiful fonts! I don't have a problem, I don't!

... I might.

Does this happen to anyone else? How do you keep yourself on track and not get lost down the veritable rabbit hole of possibilities?

Every time I find a new resource for free CU fonts, I end up like this. "Ooh, look, an archive!" [30 new fonts later....]

I am a font addict! I have thousands backed up everywhere yet I can never CHOOSE a font when I need it and I can never have enough.....it's a sickness I know! smiley I am that way about anything that has to do with creating, designing something.... smiley

smiley So feel ya... here is from the one that spends hours on fonts just to end up with Arial and Times New Roman.

I'm a font aficionado too! To the point that I can name probably over 50 just by memory. and I have like 3000 in my archive. I've whittled a lot away recently, searching for only CU fonts because I don't want to make a mistake when designing...but yes. I LOVE FONTS!

Yup, I hear you. I chose one font for PL and used only that for years. Then in the PL app I refused to buy “add your own fonts” for ages. I’ve added them now but I am strict with just using a small number of fonts. I like consistency and I’m sick of wasting my time.

I am still on the hunt for the illusive "a bit spindly, a bit swirly, with some nice flare, but also legible". This is why I end up using something spinny and fancy for titles, and then swap in a super simplistic font for 99% of the page, because I can't find something that meets my desire and hits the balance.

On the way, it does feel a little like I'm in "Chicago", because on the way I found Ruth... Gladys... Rosemary... and Irving. Oops.

@Rachel: Way to go. Font consistency more often than not breaks or makes an album. smiley I sometimes find it hard to even read the fonts.

One of the main problems I see with font use is people using display fonts or other less-readable ones for body text, when they should be kept to word art and titles/headers/etc. For body text, you should pick a good consistently readable font.

And I agree on the font consistency, with kits as well as albums. I use NexusFont to sort my fonts, and for each kit I make, I make a much smaller collection of a certain number of fonts to use within the kit for consistency, so I don't have more than 20 total fonts in use (and of those 20, some are simply bold or serif or flourish/doodle variants of others, or they're font pairs of, say, a script and a block font meant to work together). That way my kits aren't all over the board either.


I have WAYYYYY too many fonts, and my subscription to a particular digital marketplace doesn't help that at all. I'm using FontAwesome to manage them all since my ancient copy of Suitcase isn't supported on Win10, and like Amanda, I choose a subset of 5-6 font families to fit the theme of a kit (making sure to include at least one suitable for body text) and use that to make all of my word art for the kit; that gets saved as a special collection with a name like "ZZ-<kitname>" so they all sort in at the end of the list.

smiley I think that is so smart, I haven't really kept these sort of tabs just as years go and font combos for years. Where I would always stick to the same Sans Serif, I would alter the Display and Serifs. Then I discovered a family that had it all: Serifs, non serifs and a lovely, grily, almost childlike script and I used that for a few kits. Now I am back to Lato and Yellowtail it seems.

My current always-seem-to-be-installed list includes the Archivo family, the Montserrat family, Abril Fatface, Alex Brush, Amatic SC, Ballada, Ballada Duo, Bigelow Rules, Clicker Script, Dancing Script, the Josefin Sans and Josefin Slab families, Lemon, Luckiest Guy, Modak, the Playfair Display family, Quicksand, and Sacramento. That short list has 6 scripts, 3 sans and 2 serif families plus a couple other individual sans and serif typefaces, a thin block-print sans, and includes a couple of playful-looking fonts and a few fat ones that can turn into great alphas. It's no wonder they always seem to be activated, with the huge variety of designs I can make them harmonize with!

smiley What a great choice of fonts to select from, Holly. I think I have to uninstall a couple of hundred.

That is one reason I like using a font manager. I only have to install the fonts I currently want to work with, and then uninstall them again when I'm done. smiley

I use Nexus but don't rea smiley lly manage the fonts a whole lot

smiley So how do you all manage, just in terms of categories ( slab, display) and kits, projects ? Or in terms of style? Like elegant, retro etc? Or both? Some designers provide a variety of fonts for their wordart allowing for a variety of style: modern, retro, romantic.

I mostly use tags in NexusFont to sort. It (thankfully) doesn't take too long yet to load the entire Commercial Use folder, so this works just as efficiently as if I sorted them into collections (subgroups).

Right now I have tags for things like "hand" (handwritten), "script," "typewriter," "western," "symbol," "caps only" (where only the capital letters are actually in the font, and the rest are nonexistent or appear to be a pixeled Arial), "initial" (the initials are fancy but the rest is plain, but at least designed more than the "caps only" ones), and so on.

I also make collections for each kit I do, where I dump fonts I think will look nice together or work for the theme, so I can compare them without the others in the way. I also have a collection for "font groups," where font duos and variations I get are put so I can find them quicker, especially since some might include a slab serif with a script and so tags don't necessarily work that well.

Did you ever play with typekits?

I don't think I've ever heard of typekits.

You have the CC sub? It is part of it. Also of the photo package. LR and PS. They are just always right, no more looking thru hundreds of fonts. All sorted for ya.... lov'em.

Ah, no, I don't have the CC sub. Up until last week, I was on CS2, and last week I finally got a copy of CS5.

I think the student version (enrolled) for the photo pack is 10 bucks Australian a month, I say it's worth it for the fonts alone

I wouldn't qualify for the student version at this point. Neither my husband nor I has been a student for quite a while now.

I just completed a great plumbing class at the community college smiley

Excellent. smiley

yeah, I love to take handy classes... plumbers are so expensive

Last time I had to clear out my fonts I had almost 800 loaded. Just loaded.... not including the ones I had waiting in the wings...... Hello, my name is Terrell and I am a font addict.

I too am a font addict. smiley can't seem to get enough of them. i don't load all of them though. whenever i am in need of a font which is not loaded i use AMP font viewer to temporarily load the font on photoshop cs6.

IF I used a different font every day for the rest of my life I'd NEVER run out... I had to finally BAN myself from Font websites. LoL smiley

I, too, do what Marlyn does. They ALL sit there in a folder... but I really only have about 100 standard ones that are "use all the time" kind of fonts permanently installed. I just temporarily install new ones into PSCS6, as needed.

I actually need to sit and sort through my fonts sometime soon. I've got a few script fonts that look too similar to each other, so I can pare options down, and see if some of the more oddball ones are ones I even ever use or need to keep in my collection. I've already restricted myself to only downloading a new script font if it looks like one I'll definitely use over the others, which is not often these days.