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Open Gallery Love

Hey Marisa (And Jordan),

I just wanted to say Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!

I've been participating in a few other sites different games/challenges. And I was getting frustrated recently because I feel like my layouts are all over the place. I am not a kit scrapper typically, and do not have the budget to buy new stuff every time designers retire items. A few galleries have become more strict lately, and the Digi Files are not store specific. And then I remembered Pixel Scrapper's Gallery. I checked the rules, and man, was I excited to see that your philosophy on simple and easy continues to the Gallery.

So, thanks again for giving my layouts a home.


One very happy digital scrapper.

It is A PRETTY AWESOME sharing policy Marisa/Jordan have here!!! One of the things that I struggled with when I was on a CT, was finding three galleries to upload to since my designers didn't always work at the stores which had forums that I personally liked to hang out in. smiley

PLUS with their rule of an open gallery, we can scrap what we want with WHAT we want to use, not being so rigid to a certain style, store, or designer(s). I love it too! smiley

yes, totally love it - one of the amazing smiley reasons to LOVE PixelScrapper smiley

glad you finally found a home for all your layouts Courtney! smiley smiley

Thats why PS´s is my main gallery - I don´t upload every and all LOs, but sometimes I look back and upload the good ones I dind´t when I made them...

The open gallery was the first thing that attracted me here at Pixelscrapper. I am a freebies scrapper only and I always felt like a fraud or a cheat to join store galleries because of that. Ofcourse, when I found out (within a day or two) Pixelscrapper was this openminded about everything, I was hooked!

I guess I didn't even realize that so many galleries were so limited. Glad everyone likes it here!

I would like to share some of my layouts too but not sure what the rules are. Where do I go for that. I'm still trying to figure out this whole site lol.

Hi Heidi, you can find everything you need to know about applying for gallery access and the rules right here: (just scroll down to 'gallery')

Basically, the gallery is open to all digital created scrapbooking or artjournal layouts. You do need to apply for access first. the application form is here:

I totally agree, I'm glad we can use any resources and still post to the gallery. PixelScrapper is a wonderful community!

Just a note of remembrance: Pls, pls, take the opportunity that the gallery is open to credit your layouts... I´ve seen great layouts in the past month with no reference on where to find these assets... And I´d love checking on some of them smiley

A huge thank you to the admins here for allowing us to share our work with creative abandon! I'm adding my thank you to the list for having an open gallery.

I found a new home for my layouts too Courtney smiley Pixel Scrapper will be main gallery smiley Thank you for letting us share our layouts! smiley

Love the idea of an open gallery!

That's what got me here too! (Well, the blog train got me here, the open layout policy got me involved). I love being able to mix & match with all the stuff I've collected over the years . . .

What a beautiful thread!!..I have just joined and already love PixelScrapper's simple and easy methods and a large home for all our creativities..

I just joined and I want to say thank you for hosting an open gallery and fostering a community for people to connect with each other. In the short timeframe that I have perused the sight I already feel like I'm home and can build friendships here.

I like the open gallery concept here, too. I've always found myself limited at other scrap sites as far as just posting a layout or participating in layout challenges because of requirements to use a scrap kit from that particular site, and I didn't always have a kit from that particular site that fit the theme of what I wanted to participate in. Kudos, Pixel Srapper! smiley

smiley smiley smiley