Organizing Books?

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Organizing Books?

Forgive me if there's been a discussion on this already, but how do you plan out your books? I'm a planner because I want to make sure I make what I need to fit in it!

In the past, I've just tried to sketch the ideas down, but since I'm a techie, I prefer a digital way to do it! Maybe in Publisher or OneNote...

Any suggestions? How do you deal?

Well Tina: I know at one point we talked about this idea... planning, organizing, etc for albums.
I remember some of us saying how we actually create a spreadsheet in Excel while others just plan out a general idea, color scheme, etc. but for the life of me I can't find the topic that was started on it to share with you. Maybe if Melo sees this she might remember what the thread was titled and share it.

Otherwise, ladies feel free to re-kindle this conversation and share your thoughts again with Tina and other newbies. smiley and if one of us finds the original post I will link it in here for your perusal. smiley

I'm not sure we had a thread about this topic, more just about making a cohesive book, rather than the planning of it.

The most organizing I will do is to divvy up the photos I want to use. So I'll just open a blank canvas in Photoshop, bring in the photos for that layout and then save. Continue along until I've divided up all the photos I want. This way I can catch any stragglers and stick them into a layout.

Marisa and Shawna are both referring to the same thread. Since it was my question I remember it smiley. It started out as Q&A on how you compose your album and ended up in a very informative sharing of everyone's way to organize your album! The post is here:

Melo to the rescue... smiley That is the post I was referring to. what a great memory you have oh young one. smiley

My mind is just as slippery as anyone's, I only remember because it was my own question that started it... But thanks for the compliment there smiley

I am so still stuck with trying to get an album going because of this...stupid Type A personality!!! smiley

That's good info, Mel! I also just went ahead and made myself some sheets to help me sketch them out! Download here if you want them!

@Tina: Don't hate yourself for being a type A personality!!! There are many of US out there. Just embrace who you are and use your strengths of organizing and list making to accomplish bigger and grander goals/dreams. smiley I do the same thing as you probably do sometimes and over think everything. Try to force yourself to step outside the box and forgive yourself for mistakes while you learn something different, but don't beat yourself up for your strengths... and they are strengths (no matter what you tell yourself). Look at yourself through someone's eyes who doesn't have the ability to organize as well; They are jealous of your skills as much as you are of theirs. At least this is what my artistic husband always tells me. Mistakes are the creative persons beginning of something beautiful/magical. smiley

I took (observed) a couple photography classes two college semesters. It's a tad cheaper if you observe and don't expect to receive college credits, but you get to learn the same information.... any who... My husband one weekend when I was out trying to do a nature/landscape shoot for class asked me to teach him the idea/basic concept behind f-stops and aperture, so I did. By the end of the next week... for my next weekend shoot... He was taking BETTER photos on his small point & shoot manual settings than mine on my SLR after 4 months of classes, because he has that creative part of his brain in overdrive most of the time. LoL -- I was so frustrated and said... You just naturally have what my professor is always saying for us to use in class... "the mind's eye". I think mine is broken and it's not something you can teach someone to use. He taught me something so simple and silly but it was to just move the camera around in circles while I looked through the lens until it "hit" me. Over time I finally started to get it. smiley But it does take us type A personality types a while to "let go" of our structured way of thinking, so I do understand where you're coming from.

sorry so long... and for rambling...

This topic makes me blush. I don't organize pages, just print them out and stick them into albums. Except for a couple obvious ones, like Vintage Family, or Heritage. I figure I'll just name the Album: "This and That," Or "Potpourri," Also am thinking that when I have enough pages for each of the families of my three children and of myself and husband, I'll take them all out of the hodge-podge albums and make an album for each family. Pets will go into the family album where they belong.