Other designers: where do you find your paper and fabric flowers for turning into digital elements?

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Other designers: where do you find your paper and fabric flowers for turning into digital elements?

I want to build up my collection of personal templates to use for making elements, but I'm having a difficult time figuring out where to source fabric and paper flowers. Where do you find yours?

So, I make a lot of my own.

Here is one that I made by photographing tools at a swap meet. I clipped the photo onto a 12x12 canvas in Photoshop, and turned down the opacity of the image. You can change the color of the background to give it a lighter or darker or colored tint.

For this background, I photographed my bunker gear, then added some texture and effects to it by "overlaying" it onto a paper template that I purchased. You can do the same technique by going shopping and photographing items with patterns and textures.

For this ribbon, I took a piece of ribbon and stapled it. I laid it against a solid white background with a lot of light. I took a photo of it and deleted the background, turning it into a PNG of the ribbon. I then desaturated it so it could be colorized to whatever color. You can do the same thing with flowers- it's just time-consuming.

You could start by taking pictures of items against a solid background without shadow and from the "head-on" perspective, face-to-face as if you were to see it on the page. Desaturating the items like ribbon and textures can allow for colorizing as needed. Play with filters and stuff to make things look abstract. Take super-close up it items for better detail.

Hope this helps.

PS- there is always templates you can purchase, too.

Wish! When I first signed up with Wish they gave me all these discounts (yes, I am gullible and have no self control!) so I used them all and now I have a box full of fabric flowers, cabochons, pendants and scatter-type things that I keep telling myself I'll photograph and extract.

Before I had children, back when I had a life and time and didn't have anyone follow me to the bathroom, I'd use Pinterest tutorials to make my own flowers and thingy doodles with scraps of fabric that I appropriated from my mum, and leftover scrapbook paper that I was hoarding. I smiley Pinterest.

Then there's the really lazy option: Over the years I have amassed a huge collection of digital CU scrap stuff. I keep everything meticulously organised and labelled so I can follow everyone's individual TOUs.

I would like to go back to creating, photographing and creating my own, though. I have so much stuff just sitting around waiting to be useful.

Thanks guys! smiley

Trish, I'll have to look into Wish. I've had it cross my desk before related to other things. smiley

I used to search for hair clips with flowers on them and still have a few of those flowers that I will use again.
But ...

Now I’ve searched out handmade flower tutorials and learning to make my own so that they are 100% uniquely my creations.