Paper takes over shape of paper

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Paper takes over shape of paper

I think I saw a tutorial or video over here that shows how you let digital paper takes over the shape of paper.
It was a tutorial with a pattern and when the tutorial was finished the pattern had the real shape of real paper
so the pattern was not straight but had also the shape of the paper.

I don't know the right way to explain in english, but I thought I saw this tutorial over here and maybe someone understands
what I mean and can help me.

This one about adding texture to a pattern is maybe what you're looking for?

@Marisa, no that was not the tutorial that I is so stupid that I don't know where I saw that video. I'll be looking untill I found it smiley

When I read then initial post, I thought Esther meant that she wanted to add a pattern to a dimensional paper - eg a folded, curled or crumpled paper. so the pattern gets crumpled up as well, to follow the creases in the paper.

I’ve seen it done but I don’t think it can be done in PS Elements which is what I use. Possibly there are actions that might do this.