Passing of Designer Eva Kipler

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Passing of Designer Eva Kipler

I just learned myself that Eva Kipler of EvaK designs passed away on October 30th. For anyone that has been digi-scrapping for a while, I'm sure you have seen her around and picked up some of her gorgeous kits over the years. I remember almost instantly, she became one of my favorite designers. I'm not sure why or how, but I do know she was only 45 years young, almost the same age as my hubby. She leaves behind a husband and children, who I'm sure are at a tremendous loss without her.

I just wanted to let y'all know so that anyone that wished to pay their respects online could do so and not feel bad if you hadn't heard yet and got to let her family know how special she was. I know she had mad many cyber digi friends over the past several years. Below, I will attach all the links to any of her spots that I noticed her hubby and/or creative team posted the update.

Her personal FB Page
Her Designing FB Page
Her Blog/Website

i heard about her death, but unfortunately I wasn't familiar with much of her designs... how sad to have died so young. I read the memorial all of her fellow designers left on the website, it was very touching.

Here's the link to what the other designers at Sweet Shop Designs left for her:

@Jaclyn: I didn't see the memorial from fellow designers, only the one on her FB page from her hubby... If you want to edit yours or my post above and add that link for people to see that too, it would be great.

completely forgot to add that Shawna, thanks for reminding me smiley

thanks for sharing the tribute page, Jacyln! Isn't it amazing the little things about a friendship that impact us so much and make that person so important to us and our lives!

Designers have put together a tribute collab for her smiley Link

So sad. She was a great designer. I love the collab that SSD did in her honor. I bought it earlier tonight.