What's Your Favorite Pattern?

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What's Your Favorite Pattern?

Hey everyone! I was curious what are some of your (current) favorite patterns?

my top three:
floral prints
(and as always anything that is seemingly vintage, LOL!)

...hmmm My all time favorite right now is the honeycomb shape! I've even got all the goodies in this shape for svg(my wishblade_the original silhoutte) embossing folders, stamps. I love using them in my mixed media play! I haven't found as many items yet in digital but I have found enough to play with. smiley

Mine are Polka dots and chevron smiley And yes, I know that chevron is too 2012 :p

My all time favourite is plaid .... there are so many ways to create a plaid and how it falls into a full pattern, maybe it's the Scot's ancestors smiley .... after that it is toile patterns and then anything else that's vintage

LOL Lorien! I too, still love the chevrons!

I'm with Susan - plaids/tartans

@Shawna, you could make a honeycomb pattern with your stash and then scan it into your computer.

@Lorien, I somehow forgot about chevron. I didn't know chevron was 2 years out of style! I guess we are both out of scrapbook style now?! Lol

@Lizanne, what are tartans?

Guess Liz and Susan will need to put up a small class on "how to use plaid elegantly in your digi designs", LOL. I find they give a warm, lovely feeling, but I´m terrible at using them.

@Aja: Chevron was a big trend in designing and digiscrapping a while ago, there were plenty of them around, including some paper packs with chevron of different colors and sizes... The market got saturated with them...

@Lórien: I like using plaid & tartan papers as strips or circles that you anchor your pictures onto on the layout. Here's a layout I made where you can see them in action: St Patty's Day layout

@aja: A tartan is a pattern of intersecting stripes that run horizontally & vertically through a woven fabric - usually wool. Those of Scottish descent (& sometimes Irish) tend to wear clothing made from tartan fabric - different patterns & colors are used, depending on the clan you were from (mine is the Stuart/Stewart clan). The tartan fabric is used to make kilts, scarves, ties, skirts, blankets, etc. Here's a page with tartan products, for example: Scottish Tartans Authority

Lorien ... plaids don't need a lot of space ... like Lizanne I like using them in small amounts rather than as a full sheet of paper. They make great borders or used with shapes. They also can be very effect when used several different ones are set together in a quilt type pattern ... I have used plaid successfully in quilts as well....

Lizanne ... I think Stuart is the clan I'm related to as well .... Stuarts are known for their webbed toes and I have those types of toes and my boys are worse than mine .... the skin comes up the inside of the toes instead of ending around the base between the toe and the foot itself. I didn't even realize I had toes like that until my sons were born with them :)....I found out about the toe thing from a very Scottish Stuart years ago smiley

@Susan: Hey, maybe we're distant cousins... smiley I'm not sure if my toes are webbed, but then again I've never really paid much attention to them.

Thanks for the tips! I´ll try putting those plaids in action - they´re so pretty!

@Lizanne thanks for explaining.:D

Looks like we'll be seeing some plaid experimentation in the gallery soon! I still have a thing for chevrons too... and I love a good circle pattern too!

polkadots and chevrons - we are all out of date I guess... I love the really bold, daring huge patterns: only five dots to a page. I am also very much in love with papers that look like travel maps!

@ Melo, how about vintage maps?

@J.Ajabad Abad: *drool* smiley

@Melo: I love love love maps! I always buy them vintage or even just 15-20 years old when the hubby and I go Thrifting. One time we were on one of those 50 mile yard sales we have down here in the south (there's one that's like 300 miles or more and crosses 3 states, I believe It's the coolest!!!) Any how... I got a huge bag of them at the end of the day for $3!!! I still have several left for my art journals and craft projects. smiley

I love vintage maps too .... I have one large atlas that I use for envelopes ... I can get two envelopes to a page for my cards. When I have the card in the envelope and it's all ready to send I stamp an air balloon on them in places ...everbody loves them and the atlas paper is sturdy enough that they get to where they are going without a lot of tearing like some papers.

Ohhhh Susan: I love this idea!!! The next time you make one, will you take a quick snapshot and share it in here? I'd love to see what you mean exactly with the hot air balloons. That's another of my little addictions. smiley

Shawna ... the air balloon is a rubber stamp that I picked up at Michaels .... for the envelopes I just traced over an open envelope for a card, made my own template from an old piece of quilter's clear template and cute them out from that and I use a glue stick to glue the envelope together.

I just love PLAIDS!

I think it's plaids for me too though I love all pp.

Well, I really like circles, polka dots and paisley patterns. And certain florals, and vintage maps!

Nothing beats a great stripe and polka dot in my book smiley

Those are classic patterns, Karry!

Lorien, you mean chevrons aren't 2014?!?!?!? LOL! smiley