PCS Puppet Warp - my new favorite tool

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PCS Puppet Warp - my new favorite tool

For all you photoshop users out there if you don't know about the puppet warp tool yet you HAVE to check it out. I think it was implemented in PCS5. I have used it to manipulate ribbons, string, swags...you name it. If that ribbon just needs to be bent or straightened out a little more to look right in your layout this is the tool you can use to "bend" it. I love it so I thought I would share.

Here is a tutorial on Puppet Warp.

(The Puppet Warp tool is located under the Edit menu)

Have you ever just puppet warped things just for fun? lol Its kinda fun, but a time waster smiley

Thank you Karry for such a great tutorial!

Thanks for the tutorial, there is so much to learn in PS, I am so happy that there are lots of tuts out there,