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PDF Files

Ok, I'm going a little cuckoo here... I recently downloaded a freebie file of journal cards and they're all smooshed into a PDF file. Normally I'd just crop/cut out the ones I want, but these are black and white....

Does anyone know a way to get them into photoshop as per a PNG file?

Photoshop will open them .... my older elements did not, but the PSE 11 does as well. If there is more than one page it will come up with a dialogue box listing all the pages and simply click on each one while holding down the shift key just like any other file and click open. It will open them up as png automatically and you can adjust and save each page from there.

The only ones you will not be able to open are those that need a password to prevent altering the document, they are usually print only. If that happens you can open it, take a screen shot and paste that into photoshop ... maybe ... sometimes that doesn't work ... but beware of the fact you will be infringing on copy write rules when you do that !!! .... The only times I have done that is to make it easier to take one element and print it so I don't waste ink printing something I will never use.

Elouise:It probably means that the designer want this freebie to be used only for hybrid scrapbooking. It´s what is called printable.

For the most part, I've been able to open them in PSCS and crop out what I want to use.
If it's password protected, then I figure they don't really want me to USE it and just throw it in the trash (recycle bin). smiley
And, I like Susan am not going to "WASTE" valuable ink to print crap I don't need or like. smiley