Photographing versus scanning elements

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Photographing versus scanning elements

Who photographs elements .. i.e. buttons, laces etc for creating their elements ... who scans .... do you use special equipment for the photography? .... if scanning how do you keep all pixels clear and how would you keep the depth of the piece? .... this is my next step ... macrophotography is new to me and I'm just starting out ... I have lots of camera knowledge when it comes to photographing flowers and landscapes etc but am having difficulty with smaller items like laces, buttons, rings etc

I take pictures of mine with my camera on a white piece of paper or any solid paper, then I extract it. Seems to work ok for me most of the time. I have a pretty good camera though and have never done anything as intricate as lace. My scanner I don't think scans as well as a photo.

I've scanned my laces and some which have larger holes work well and others with smaller holes are harder to clear out the background. I have an excellent Cannon and it works great, but prefer working without a lot of shadow if possible ... I'm thinking about putting together a light box

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