Photos - double exposures and photo filled silhouettes

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Photos - double exposures and photo filled silhouettes

I am loving the creative pages that I see in galleries where the photos have unusual styles.

Double exposures (one photo on top of another, similar to the old film camera dbl exposures) should be easy to figure out by using opacity, blending and masking.

I am going to dive in and experiment with combining a face with a nature photo. Features of the face are visible, but so are the trees or flowers or landscape. It can be in silhouette filled form or the face, animal etc. mystically visible in the other photo.

Has anyone tried either of these creative photo treatments? Sorry they are hard to explain in words.

photoshoproadmap dot com has a lot of the photo fun that I am talking about.

I also love the watercolor/pencil line style. Does anyone have a favorite tutorial for this?

Chris Spooner has a tutorial on his blog .... I used it for a challenge on the Just Art site and they loved it

I use an app on my phone called Diana Photo App and I love it for the double exposure...I know I've posted a couple of layouts using those photos, but I love the many options it provides (and it's really easy!)

Susan, that is exactly what I am talking about!!! I am excited to try it. Thank you so much.

Also, I have never heard of the Just Art site! It looks fabulous!

Emily, I have never used a phone app smiley Can't teach an old dog new tricks, haha. I need my huge real estate to maneuver around. Thanks for suggesting it to me however.

Sallie ... new members are always welcome on the Just Art site ... we have lots of artsy challenges and there are no rules smiley ... whole lot of fun