Picture Papers - do you use them?

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Picture Papers - do you use them?

Do you ever use picture papers as backgrounds in your scrapbooking? Here are some of my picture papers:


I would have to say on very rare occasion. It would probably be more in a situation I was sharing a story, a lot of journaling, or the like that one single photo as the background would work for me. I tend to be one of those to use as many pics as possible without being "cluttered" types.

What do you mean by picture papers? Can you give me an example?

You mean like ocean backdrops or forests or what not? If you mean that.....not really. Usually my backdrops are papers or a photo I've taken that I'm using as part of my LO story...

oppps... I guess I assumed the using my own photo as a background like Lizanne's second suggestion... is more what I do, not any one else's photos. smiley

Well, if it means using my own photos, yes I do, lol. For example, in this Facebook timeline (The Elements are from a Callaluna Creations kit called Mrs Prather´s Penguins):

I do use my own photo's, but photo papers - rarely. Maybe if it's flowers or poppies (I love poppies), but that's about it. I think it draws to much attention to itself, which I think is fine if it's my own picture!

I have put three of my picture papers above as examples.

Thanks Angela! This has been an interesting topic to see people's opinions on. smiley

I have just done a range of Oriental pictures papers. They are all 12 x 12 and I wondered if people worried about covering them up or if they tended to treat them like any other backing paper.

If they are like your examples, with "treatment" and don´t just look like pics taken directly from the photos, I do use them...

Humm... oriental theme? Sounds interesting...

I tend not to, purely because I feel like they are usually too much. Like they'll take away from what I'm trying to accomplish with the LO.

I've used it a few times, they work nicely for LOs with lots of "white space".