Pixel Scrapper December Blog Train Comments

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Pixel Scrapper December Blog Train Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until Dec 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Ohmygoodness! I can't wait for Dec. 1! Everyone's pieces look wonderful!

Marisa, whats the deadline to post the preview?

Oh, December is looking beautiful! I can't wait for all these neat goodies. Thanks everyone!

You can post the preview any time. Since the thread will be marked when there's a new post, it should be pretty easy to keep up with new stuff. But, if people are coming from outside the site, they may not see it if they just stop by once. So, it's up to you. More people will see it if you post it sooner...

Wow! These kits are amazing! Great job ladies! I'm so excited! Hence, all the !!!! I have to try this some day, but I must improve my computer savvy or the lack thereof, first.

I love the previews! I am excited for December 1! Yay!

Marisa - I have a question. In past blog trains, I notice that each blogger directs the reader to the next blogger on the list. Will I be provided a blog to link to, to move folks along to the next blog? Or will this one work differently? This is the first one I have ever participated in, so I don't want to make a mistake.


Wow! -This kits are beautiful. I love the color-palette smiley

That's a good question Sunny. I think since this isn't a super organized blog train, and people have the option to join us later, I would just direct people to the list thread. Perhaps next time we'll try something a bit more organized. We can talk about it.

Whew...so many steps to getting this kit posted! I've got everything set to go, preview ready, files zipped. Now I just need to figure out what file sharing system to use. I don't have a blog but was thinking of linking the download to my Facebook Business page (have my freebie tab set to go except for the download link). Any recommendations as to which file sharing system is the easiest/cheapest/best to use?

There are some really fantastic kits, I am struggling to get mine done!! Is everything considered CU or do we have to put whether it is CU or PU?

@Janet: There was some discussion here about file sharing systems.

@Angela: There were no specific instructions, so you should put whether it's CU or PU.

So many beautiful parts smiley I'm loving this train smiley
I went with 4shared and Mediafire for this one (i hope id doesn't mess up to much for u)
Almost time now smiley My part is up and set to go smiley

Thanks for the link Marisa. Though it wasn't highly recommended, I went with 4shared as well. This is the first time I've ever done something like this and don't care to pay for a service for this one upload. Hopefully people won't mind. smiley

I really like having the blog train depot set up in this one thread where you can survey all the kit previews by scrolling rather than going from place to place. And oh my, so many gorgeous kits! Can't wait to start downloading!

Marisa, it might be good idea to have this thread and the blog train thread as "stickies" so that they are easy to find.


I really like having the blog train depot set up in this one thread where you can survey all the kit previews by scrolling rather than going from place to place.

I do too.

I'm so excited - I finally finished my part of the train. I wasn't sure I could do it, and at one point I became overwhelmed & intimidated when I saw other people's parts (great job everyone!), but I gave it my best shot anyhow (working on it through much of my birthday yesterday). I hope people like what I made & that the quality is good - I'm a bit unsure because I'm not a designer, and I still don't know PSP very well. And stupid me - I installed the latest version of PSP Pro Photo on my desktop & it's very different from the one I'd been using, so I had a huge learning curve while trying to do this (took me a long time to make things because I had a hard time finding the various options - they changed all the menus and toolbars). I knew designing was a lot of hard work, but I had no idea how much until now. I have so much respect for all the designers out there, but even moreso after trying my hand at it for the first time.

To make my part of the train I followed some tutorials I found online, used some shape files, did a few extractions, and used a preview template to create my preview. I also made some song sheets (for songs newer than 1923, so I wouldn't violate any copyrights) & a few word arts from scratch... And tonight I created a 4-shared account to host the zip file - am uploading it as I type .... it says 6 hours left (oye). As soon as it finishes I'll add the preview & download link to the list thread (I don't have a blog).

Thanks everyone for your part of the train smiley I wish i had time to thank each one of you but i'll thank you all at the same time instead smiley

thanks for all these goodies ladies!! I'm having a great time on this blog train. Sorry Marisa, accidently posted in the main kit link place. oops.

Wow, I am in awe of all the amazing kits everyone has put together! I wish I had the time to create and figure out how to share as I have never used or until now come across file sharing sites. I am hoping that I can be more adept by the next blog train. Thanks so much to all of you wonderful artists!

I actually had to read it twice to make sure it was a blog train because the quailty and the parts are amazing. Thanks so much to everyone who has joined the train and to those who's first time it was can I say you would not be able to tell and gives me hope I might be able to play one day. Thank you all XXX

Thanks for all the beautiful kits! I really enjoy them and appreciate all the work everyone has put into them.

Just glanced around here and there sure are some awesome kits for the first blog train. Great job all and thanks for doing this.

To all the Pixelscrappers who made kits but don't have blogs I just want to say !!THANKS!! Y'all rock! smiley

Never mind smiley

love the blog train - thanks for the fun stuff!

Thank you all for the beautiful kits!

Thanks so much everyone!

Wow! Thank you so much designers for such amazing kits!

Marisa, this is/was so fun to participate in! Thank you SO MUCH for allowing us to be a part of it.