Planning my son's Senior Album, Need Input!

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Planning my son's Senior Album, Need Input!

What more do I need to include?

Senior Pics (Cap & gown, etc.)
Chess photos (he's in Chess Club - went to state last year!)
Other extra-curriculars (choir, job, mission trips with church)
Graduation Ceremony
Maybe a "through the years" kind of page - a pic of him each year in school

I want to include the Beloit College Class of 2014 Mindset List, too!

Class photos? Friends, homecoming, games. His favorite things. Photo of the school. Spirit wear.

-- what about a "what i want to be when i grow up page" for him to look back after he finally finishes college and changes majors? (like most of us did) smiley LoL
-- a page about his grades, gpa, graduation with honors, anything like that
-- maybe a page with stuff like his favorites right now: food, music, hairstyle, clothes, his car
-- maybe a page of him and his siblings all at the age they are now to maybe do another to add later for when the youngest graduates
-- his class ring, school colors, mascot, etc.