Pocket Basics 2 Bundle Corrections!

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Pocket Basics 2 Bundle Corrections!

I've recently corrected a couple of errors in the Pocket Basics 2 Bundle. If you think these errors may affect you (i.e. you downloaded the kit in question during the time period in question) please re-download the current version to get the correct designs.

Pocket Basics Titles: If you downloaded this kit (either on its own or as part of the Pocket Basics 2 bundle) between March 22 and today, April 9, the kit was missing the plain white marker titles. The kit has been corrected and now includes all the titles.

If you downloaded the Pocket Basics Titles kit between when it were released and March 22 there was an issue with the file names, where the numbers didn't match between the corresponding PNG and PSD versions of the pocket titles. This issue does not effect the quality or usability of the individual designs, which are all fine, but if you'd like to have those numbers match up I'd suggest re-downloading the kit.

If you downloaded the Pocket Basics Minimalist Journal Card Templates kit between when it was released and March 22 there was an issue with one of the card templates, the Double Pattern Border 3x4 (file name PS_scrumptiously_PB2_JC_pattsandwich_3x4). That card has been corrected, and you can redownload the full kit or just download the individual card here.

With over 700 different items, I feel lucky I managed to get this bundle released with only a couple of issues! That success is largely due to my excellent team - my Quality Checker, my Uploaders, and my CT, who all keep a sharp eye out for issues so I can make sure the designs I am putting out there for you are in tip-top shape.