Preview Pages:they are a pain to make..

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Preview Pages:they are a pain to make..

Preview Pages. I find they are a pain in the you know what to make!! SO! is there a action that makes these for PSE? i have PSE10

They are a pain, it takes up more time than making the rest of the kit smiley

I found these by Wendyzine, it's been tested up to PSE9, I don't know if it will work in PSE10, but you could maybe ask her if you can test it and if it doesn't work, if you're allowed to return it?

And for all the Photoshoppers among us that dislike making previews, she has a PSCS version as well (only works in CS3 and 4)!

And a PSP script by Cassel Creation for PSP8 and up.

Have fun previewing y'all!

oh thank you!! melouise! I saw the one my Wendyzine. But it's like $15!!!!! lol And i only got a few elements, like just really bows right now. i don't see the need to spend $15 on a preview maker just yet. i just wondered if there was something less expensive, but i ws looking around the net today and there is not!

That's actually my favorite part of designing (go figure I must be odd). Then again I look at it more as creating a layout.

It also helps if you have a template that you use over and over. The wooden background is what I use whenever I don't have a full kit preview.

Then again, since my previews aren't traditional...I'm not sure if they're useful for customers or not. smiley

At first, it was really a pain to try to make previews, then I got the preview maker from Wendyzine, it was even more trouble. Great for papers, but it just kinda threw all the elements in, and I had to go one by one and move them around, which took me forever and I wound up taking longer this way then it would have if I started on my own. In time, I learned to start with papers, organize them using a 3,5,8,10,12 and so on papers preview template. Then I would start with all frames, then borders,ric rac, ribbon, then flowers, leaves, then just doing it that way, and surprisingly it doesn't take too long and I move things around as I go. Its just faster that way for me. I do the alpha's last.

well since i am still learning, my preview page sucks. LOL i won't lie it's horrible and April williams was kind enough to clue me in that it's called a preview page. i don't hav a template like yours Janet Scott.

how do you get the pixel scrapper logo thingy on your preview page??

so i guess i will give it another twirl at my preview page. I just thought there was some action or something that i could load into PSE10 and let it do it, but the ones i have seem cost too much

huh. interesting! well i only have just bows right now. so i don't think i will ever be getting into making a full kit, i only got PSE10 and i am already having issues trying to get around not having a gamut warning and i am starting to get frustrated, i think i might have to purchase a quality checker action thingy.

What are other ways or ideas that everyone has done for preview pages?? and how do you get your logos( some of them) to look like they are die -cut!?? LOL

@Sara- Marisa has a template here that you could probably use and play around with. Just pull it up in pse and just clip your papers to the papers in the template, or turn them off or delete them if you don't have papers, or make more paper shapes if you have more papers, or just use the title section without the papers. You can move each part around as well to where ever you want it on your preview. Maybe drag the white title area to the bottom, and the pixel scrapper logo to the top. Or just however you want, you can add your own design name or logo to it somewhere as well. Hope that helps a little:)

I just found this great Quality Control manual from The Daily Digi.

@Sara, I made my background. I had some wood papers that I made for a kit...just messed around until I found something that I liked.

Here is a link to the Pixel Scrapper Logo. I just copied and pasted it right to the preview.

You may want to look through some different shops and see what kind of preview that you like. There are so many different directions that you can go. smiley

@Shiela, I do something similar when putting together the previews: Ribbons/stitches, cards/large paper products/frames, other smaller paper products, flowers, and then finally buttons/brads and such.

Sugarbutt Designs has a great free QC Action here:)

ohh thank you shelia!! THAT does help me!!!!! this way! at least my preview pages will be exact size they are suppose to be ( another prob, of mine) and no that's perfect!

@ janet and shelia, the daily digi, read that top to bottom yesterday. I downloaded the one from sugarbutt earlier. i hope it works in my PSE10. do i have to use the Pixel scrapper logo on my things when i am sharing them for like freebies?? and i will look around at the other preview pages etc..

so what is everyone elses work flow for a preview page?! obviously papers go first.

You don't have to use the Pixel Scrapper logo, just if you want to, unless you are doing a Pixel Scrapper blogtrain or challenge. I use it if I am participating in anything here at Pixel SCrapper, but I don't use it in any of my own blog freebies:)

Megan Turnidge has some really great shadow layer styles for free here that are commercial use so you can use them to shadow your papers and elements in your preview:) I LOVE Megans shadows and use them all the time!!

I think I'm the opposite. I like making my preview pages, and I love looking at the previews of kits. I think it makes the kits look so pretty. A good preview can make or brake a kit. I don't know if my previews are where I'd like them to be, but I'm ok with them for now. I did a lot of looking around to see what style of preview I liked and I settled on the design I have. I like putting together the previews and playing with the shadowing. Its a good learning tool for shadowing I think too. It certainly can take a long time to put together a preview, but it takes me a whole lot longer to put together a layout. smiley

I am not a designer, but if someone neglects to put a preview in a kit, I will make one myself. I have to admit, I don't think the ones I make are nearly as nice as what the designers do for me. But I figure it's all for my own functionality, so oh well. No one has to see it but me. Now, if you plan to go into designing, I guess that's a different story! haha