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Printing Out Photo Books

We've had some discussion on this in the past, but I'm getting ready to print out a big order (5 of the same book) for a family reunion this summer. Since I need so many books, I'm obviously looking for a good deal to keep the price as low as I can. What suggestions do you have for tracking the different sites, since I know they all offer deals, so I know when to "make my move." I have a couple months before they need to be printed, so I have some time to look around.

I've been using Artscow. Usually if you sign up for an account, they will send you free stuff (you just pay shipping). They haven't sent me any freebies lately so I am due to get an email any day now. I paid $37.96 for 4 8x8 (20 page) photo books. I had another book made with over 100 pages and paid over $60. There was a charge of each page over 20 pages....that would be the thing to watch for if you need more than 20 pages.
I do have to say that I do love the binding on the Artscow books much more than my Shutterfly book. The way it's stitched together it looks very professional and will last a long time. I didn't track them, I just went by what everyone else was using at the time and now prefer Artscow over Shutterfly. I haven't tried any of the others.

I've only used Shutterfly to date as far as a bound book... and I'm impressed enough. I mainly went with them due to budget. I've had the one book I did since 2008 and it's in excellent shape but I don't have kiddos and it's only been looked through about 25-30 times.

I've seen a lot of ladies talk about others like ArtsCow and WHCC. That they are made much better than others. Although, I have no personal experience. I used them for prints only in the past not a bound album. The print colors are still gorgeous, though!

Well I just looked up WHCC and remember why I only used them for prints, their album prices are very steep, they are photography specialty printing and very professional quality so explains the pricing some, but holy dollar bill batman!!! Here's a link to the albums and pricing page.


Here's another vote for Artscow, though I don't really track any of the other sites. I'm no longer getting books printed, because I missed having "stuff" on my pages - like being able to easily add in a real ticket stub, a lock of hair, etc. But I have several Artscow books and they're great.

One thing I really like is that I used the same cover for them all, but bought them at different times, and it all matches. For some reason I was worried that they wouldn't. And they have stood up to my two kids beating them up.

I have used Shutterfly--seems that they often offer specials on photobooks. I was pleased with my purchases in the past. is a great book printing resource. has super high quality, lay flat, thick photo paper books - but they are very expensive.

I've used both and am very happy with both.

I love Viovio. The prices are great and the books turn out really nice. Shutterfly is good but expensive and I hated Mixbook. I would never print from them again.

When I made and ordered my Christmas carol books I had a hard time deciding who to go with. Price isn't the only thing to consider - some sites let you fully customize the spine (which I like to do) while others do not. Also some sites print darker than others. I was ordering a lot of books so price did come into play but I also had to weigh the price with the options each company had for customization. One site I looked at had great prices but the first 3 pages of your 20 page book we used already....

Generally I use shutterfly because their customer service is awesome - my wedding book was 100 pages it got to my house and the corners were all bent up they printed a new one for me and shipped it 2nd day air to make it right. However I ended up using mypublisher for my caroling books because I liked the options (linen cover with photo in the middle but not a hole to the first page) - new customers get buy one photo book get one free so I ordered 16 books but paid for 8 - it was still kinda pricey though and the shipping was CRAZY!

In the end I love my Christmas caroling books and I am looking forward to using them for many years.

i have used Shutterfly and problems with either and they are always offering promos!

I get my pages printed individually at then slide them into page protectors like traditional paper scrapbooking. That way if I ever want to redesign a page I can without redoing a whole book. I usually wait for their $0.99/page sale. (Read their FAQ's to avoid clipping.)
They also make photobooks. They recently finished a buy 1 get 1 free sale with free shipping. Watch their website. They run sales frequently.

Photo Book Girl has a "wizard" that lets you compare all the different options, and also has pages that track Groupons, specials, and so on. In the past the blog hasn't always been completely up to date (for deals, i think the groupon stuff is automated), but following her facebook page seems to work pretty well.

I don't know what kind of quality you're looking for, but my PhotobookAmerica book came out gorgeous (I still need to take pics and write a post here at some point). The best (only?) way to know about their deals is to subscribe to their mailing list. They'll often have vouchers you can by that are like 65% off and so on. You can't combine vouchers in a single order, but I'm pretty sure you can buy 5 to use on 5 books (I'd double check that).

My mom and I recently did a batch of 12 books and used Shutterfly. The quality was nice, the recipients were thrilled, and because Shutterfly usually offers free shipping on top of whatever deal/coupon/sale you're going for, it can be very affordable for buying multiple books.

@ Marisa: I just received a credit from Artscow for 7 8x8 - 20page books and 5 9x7 20 - page books.
Let me know if your interested I can send you the codes to get them for free (almost free) you pay shipping and any additional pages over 20.

@Tina: How in the world did you get those? I would love to know how to earn free album credits? Please teach us... smiley

@Tina: Thanks! I got that email too, it's tempting, but I'm pretty sure I want to do aunts and uncles aren't getting any younger and I'd like them to be able to see it...

Lol. You just sign up for an account and they send you emails offering free stuff. I don't remember what I got when I initially signed up but if the item expires or gets used up, they send you a coupon code for more free stuff. They want to keep you coming back and word of mouth brings more customers. The only downside to the books is the shipping time. If you need a book made by a certain it early. I think I waited about 3 weeks before I received it. If your in the states, it must get through customs before it's even mailed to you. Other than that I am really pleased. They messed up on one of my books (it has another family mixed in with mine...oops) but they fixed it right away.

They have so much more than just the books, you can have umbrella's, tee shirts, mugs, and so much more personalized with your photos.
Check it out and see what they have to offer.

LoL... that would freak me out looking through my album and seeing another families photos in it only because I'd wonder who saw mine and which ones did they see. Sometimes, I'm private about certain things I'd put in a family album vs what's online in my galleries. kwim?

They messed up on one of my books (it has another family mixed in with mine...oops)

So those of you who have used Artscow, has anyone done the deluxe book with the layflat pages? How do the pages hold up? Any problem with the pages falling out? The prices are amazing, I'm so excited to try this. Thanks for the recommendation!

I know this is an old topic and it took me a little while to find it but I received this information in a newsletter from The Digi Files and decided I would share the link to the "Photobook Review". She did a review on multiple photobook printing companies and posted the results in one (very long) post. I found this to be very helpful and a timesaver since I wouldn't have to do all the research myself smiley .

The Daily Digi Photobook Review

And another photobook review from Digital Home Thoughts
This link will take you right to the end result for the huge list of printing companies but if you want to read the entire review, just go to page one.

@Tina I say the same thing! After reading what Steph researched and the fact that she pretty much only uses AdoramaPix I think that is who I will be going to for my photobooks.

I've made a little 8 x 8 book at ArtsCow using their papers and embellishments. I really didn't like the book cover, it reminded me of a child's picture book. I generally use Winkflash and have been very happy with the outcome of them all. I found this Photo Book Review 2013 site which was quite interesting. Winkflash didn't even make it in the review. Maybe I need to rethink my printing place. LOL I have been thinking of printing out just the pages and putting those into page protectors. Haven't done so, yet, though.

I use Artscow...and have for many years. I live in Denmark (Europe) and when I use American companies, I end up with paying more for shipping than the actual printing. Artscow has been really reasonable in terms of shipping prices and I am quite happy with their products and service. They have better pricing even in comparison to european book printers.

If anyone wants to give Artscow a try I have some free coupon codes for the book. All you pay is shipping and if you get any extra's.

Photo Books
3-6x6 (20 page) books; use code w45xv5j6917k , coupon expires 7/23/13
3-9x7 (20 page) books; use code 0wywhjgn5vuh , coupon expires 7/25/13

2-Wall Calendar 8.5 x 6"; use code qj4yw5fwgudp , coupon expires 8/8/13
2-Wall Calendar 11 x 8.5" (12-Months); use code 1zz6zsv61j4j , coupon expires 8/8/13
2-Wall Calendar 11 x 8.5" (18 Months); use code e5rxrkwtirmb , coupon expires 8/8/13
2-Desktop Calendar 11 x 5"; use code zoabpudb86kk , coupon expires 8/8/13
2-Desktop Calendar 6 x 8.5"; use code nl1hl9qqsfus , coupon expires 8/8/13
2-Desktop Calendar 8.5 x 6"; use code l93lbljz2xkd , coupon expires 8/8/13

Hope someone can use them. I haven't made any pages in a while and I won't have time to make enough to fill a book.

I use Shutterfly for my books, too! You can get Groupons for them occasionally.

And I use WHCC but for my pro photo printing. Their metallic paper is aMAZing!!!

But if you want some others (though not yet tried):
And CVS and Walgreen's both offer it.

K Ive never tried it but maybe you can also make your own book binding and all. It might be more fun.

So, this is probably going to sound strange, but I've never actually printed out any of my digital layouts (shame on me!). I ran across this Snapfish offer on facebook. I've never used them for any sort of printing and was curious as to whether the offer would be worthwhile in the long run or if the quality of the books isn't good enough to compensate for the huge printing discount. Any thoughts??

I don't know if you are interested in books or printing layouts to put into a scrapbook style book.
I really recommend Persnickety prints. They have sales on their print credits twice a year.
They don't use ink so their prints are waterproof. Right now on the persnickety prints blog there is a story about a woman who's scrapbook prints survived Hurricane Sandy. We lived thru hurricane Sandy and luckily our house is on high ground but it's nice to know that your memories are safe from things like water.
I think once you print your digital layouts, you will be hooked! The computer doesn't do them justice.

Persnickety prints does photo books too! I just checked. 12x12 is 55 buckeroos which is not cheap. I do think they have sales that come around.

@ Lucy: What are their sales like a certain price point per layout or percentage off on larger quantities? Would you mind letting us know in this thread the next time you notice they have a sale for people that are interested in trying them out? Thanks so much for your input! smiley

I really recommend Persnickety prints. They have sales on their print credits twice a year.

OK...I've been using Artscow, but not for any photo books yet. I have had printed a deck of playing cards, tote bag, backpack, messenger bag, watches, ceramic photo tile, charm necklace, an ornament for family reunion items and items for our 20-year high school reunion next year, and I LOVE all the different things you can do. PLUS, I did get a lot of free stuff that you only pay S&H on (all those mentioned)!!!