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I recently created an 8x8, 320 page family cookbook for my daughter’s bridal shower that included family recipes and photographs from various branches of the family going back five generations. Since it exceeded the Shutterfly page limit, I went with Mixbook. There were a few issues with bleeds from moved pages on about a dozen pages and they reprinted it for free, so kudos on customer service. I was pleased with the photo quality and page weight, but the jury is still out on how the binding will hold up over time for such a big book. As an aside, I did this because my own grandmother had put together a recipe box full of typed family recipes for my wedding. Those recipes formed the core of my daughter’s book. I also put copies of the typed recipes in a Google Docs folder so she can pull up recipes at the grocery store or wherever on her mobile device.

Thanks Angela Jorczak for the thorough review and links. I have only used Blurb and have been very happy but will check out the links you included for sure.

In case, there are any other Canadians here, this link lists Canadian photo book sites.

(I've used American sites in the past but using Canadian sites avoid hassles with the dollar exchange since the Canadian dollar is lower than the American. With the new free trade agreement, the exemption for parcel value from the US has increased to $150, previously it was only $35 before we were charged duty. However Canadian mail is very slow right now and although mail is still flowing between the 2 countries, mail is slower crossing the border because of delays at customs.) For these reasons, I will probably order from a Canadian supplier of photo books for next project.

I print my pages and add into a album: