Printing out your Layout

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Printing out your Layout

I cannot remember where I saw it but I know it was somewhere in the forums HERE. (sure wish my scatterbrained noodle would retain information a wee bit better).
I was wondering if anyone has tried to PRINT out layouts?
I know someone mentioned a website that they went to for this exact purpose. I think they said they did everything online and the printed layout page was mailed to them.

If you know anything about Printing a layout could you please help me out.

I am trying to decide whether I should just use my printer or try an online service.
I totally love the layout my partner made in the photo swap challenge and I want to Print it out but due to size I don't think my printer could handle it. I would have to shrink the size and I am worried about losing quality.


I was going to try this site (I haven't yet). Most places can do it with a white border but I think here they print to the edge so it looks like a true LO. Not sure if that helps or if that's the one you are looking for. I'm a real newbie to this so let me know where you end up. Thanks!

I've had beautiful page prints from Persnickity Prints.

thanks so much. I knew I could count on you guys to help me out!!!

I use Persnickety Prints as well. I've been happy with all my printed layouts (over 50!).

Scrapbooks please did a beautiful job for me. Expensive except when they have a sale. One is going on now:

I've also used Persnickety Prints and was pleased, but I like that Scrapbooks please tell you what paper they use and give you a choice. I chose the Premium Luster.

I remember a topic about printing full photobooks, but can't recall an item about printing seperate pages. Maybe the photobook thread also has some useful information for you:

I was going to look for that post too Melo. I have a vague recollection of us talking about printing layouts but not sure if it was just in that thread or a separate one. If I find it. I'll post it here too. smiley

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