Project: Scraplift (Myself)

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Project: Scraplift (Myself)

So, I'm in the process of converting all my partially finished paper-scrapped books into all digital. Here's the title page of my youngest's baby book...

Original (Paper-Scrapped)


I'll post more as I complete them!

Maybe I'll release a random kit of all the items I'm having to make for this purpose!

Wow, that is a really nice conversion! You did such an excellent job of duplicating the paper copy into digital form!!

I would suggest though, if you don't mind me saying so, that you do something to make more definition of your bottom ribbon on the digital copy. It seems to run into your accent paper on the left and get lost... I don't know if maybe a small solid white border of some kind might work. Just my observations. ;D

I hope you'll post more of your conversions. I would enjoy seeing them.

Wow, this came out in a fantastic way! I was thinking on do the same thing with some of my paper layouts, but I was affraid it wouldn´t work. Now I know it does! Thank you very much for sharing.

It's already on the list! smiley I noticed it to...I don't like how the gingham played out on any of the ribbons and will be modifying it!

I applaud your efforts - looks good! I have never done paper scrapping - I am not the type to cut, glue, store, etc. all the supplies. I love having everything in my laptop and EHDs. Having said that, I DO like the look of paper pages better than digital. But I will stick to digital.

looks great Tina! I don't know if I could do that. Unless there was already a digital kit that matched closely. smiley TFS's the tweaked version! I like this better! The ribbons are more defined.


What a neat project you have. Sounds like a lot of fun. Amazing job on this first one. smiley


I also like it better. Did you design all the papers and ellies?

Yes, ma'am! I am designing whatever I don't already have in my stash (or can't easily find)! That knotted ribbon is from here, though! smiley And thanks for the input all!

This is awesome. Have fun with this project. Will bring back great memories I am sure.

W.O.W - Kudos to you! Guess I´ll never have your patience.

Wow, great job Tina! You got real close to the original, made me look twice (at least) to see which one was paper and which one wasn't.

EDIT: Hi Tina - I took the liberty of copying your other post in here, so we could all see your other 'paper to digi'-project. If you want, you can keep posting your layouts in this thread, no need to open a new one. This way we can easily keep track of your progress!

Tina Shaw:
Next in line...

Original (Paper-scrapped)


Tina: I think your revisions in post #7 look fantastic! I also love the second layout you've completed. TFS!

oohhh.... Great self-scraplifting!! Love it!