Projects that Require Scrapping All the Photos

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Projects that Require Scrapping All the Photos

A project that has been on my mind for a while is doing something with my husbands photos from childhood. We don't currently have any photos of him from before we were married really, his parents have them all. I've been considering getting some photos so we could have some at our house, especially now that we have kids and I think they might be interested to look at them. But it seems like a mammoth project and I haven't yet figured out how to go about it. Wondering if anyone has tackled something similar and how you got through.

I will likely not be starting this project for a couple years, need the babies to be a bit older before I do something like this, but it doesn't hurt to keep the ideas rummaging in your brain in case you come up with a bright idea.

At this point I think I'm leaning towards digital pocket pages. Digital because I like how much smaller the books are, and pocket pages because you can easily get in so many photos without trying hard. But I'm also a little tempted by physical pocket scrapping since the photos do already exist.

These kinds of projects are SO time intensive! The one aspect I always try to include are stories from those present- usually told orally and I take notes, so they have the authenticity and story-telling feel that I really like for my pages to have. That is, admittedly, why it takes me so long to get through things, because I always want to have a finished product that is complete with or without my presence to parse it. Especially important when it's not my story to tell.

I agree, Sylvan. @Marisa: An easy way to get those stories is look at the photos with the inlaws and then just hit record on the phone, preferrably video then you get the chance to relate the pics to stories. I have done it that way a few times and find it easiest.

Thanks! Good idea.

I took old photos and made a coffee table book for my kids, and family and friends who visit. It's digital layouts in a hard cover book. I used Picaboo smiley

First step is to go through all his childhood photos and scan them into your computer. (At least the ones you want.) Than you can worry about the next step.

I'm doing something similar and haven't decided how to execute it. I am an avid picture taker and my siblings do not print photos. So, I making somewhat of a coffee table album for each of my nieces and nephews for their high school graduation with all of the pictures that I have taken of them over the years. It will be too much to do a scrapbook for each one, though. I can't even keep up with my own pages! lol

It is always nice to have digital copies to store and share. With so many picture pick some key pictures and scrap them with pocket pages to follow. This will create chapters of each change or event.

I think it would be cool to get your husband's input on this. Some of the pictures might be special to him and he could include some of his memories in the book.

When I already have the printed photos, I prefer to use physical pocket pages. The 3 ring albums are big and bulky, but regular albums are hard to add pocket pages to. I recently saw a new style album by Webster’s Pages which I am absolutely in LOVE with! It’s a 6x12 design (13x9 including cover) with 3x4 and 6x4 pockets. They are kinda spiral bound and the pages go in and out like some planner pages. I will try to find a link. They are so pretty I really want one 😆

You can add more pocket pages too. The other options are all 3x4, all 6x4 and 6x12.

Sealed and signed, waiting for delivery. They look rad, Rachel. Many thanks! smiley