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PS April Blog Train Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until April 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

When the train starts...are we telling people where they came from and where they are going next? Or do they just refer to a thread here and go to the next blog that way? Thanks!!

Hi Jodi, you can refer them to the PS April Blog Train List thread. They will still be directed to each blog but this is the main starting point. I like it better this way, I tend to get lost and miss so much the other way. smiley

Thank you Tina...I think I do too smiley And as I knew this would probably be the way, as you have said, I already scheduled my blog post for the 1st and did refer my visitors to that thread smiley Can't wait for it to start!!!

Amazing creations ladies! You are all so talented! smiley It will be very difficult to choose among the different designs. But then...maybe I should go for all of For the time being I still have enough space on my harddrive. But I am not sure how long this will stay this way. smiley Thank you some much for sharing!

I kind of have mixed feelings about having the hoppers come to the thread for the blog roll. On one hand, its nice to have a central point with all the previews they can view and choose which ones they want and go from there. I know as a hopper, this is how I liked to do it. But, on the other hand, with each person having the before and next blog in their blog post kind of assures that each person will get some blog traffic/exposure. As a contributor, and new store owner, I would at least like the person to visit my blog even if they don't like my kit in the off chance they will take a look around and see something else they like.

Just my thoughts on it...

@Cat, I do agree with you, on all points. smiley But I also think I'd rather have people come to my blog who are actually going to like what they see, rather than loading it part-way, going 'ugh,' and moving on. I know I've done with with blog trains, and it turns me off of a designer. So.. yes, mixed feelings. smiley

Thanks for the question, Jodi! Just what I was going to ask smiley

Also wondering if we get community points for linking to the thread... I'm such a grubber, lol.

Just posted a challenge to help you put all these great goodies to use!

Thank you everyone! I'm still unzipping but wanted to post my "Thank You's" before I headed off to work. I did have a problem downloading the few using Google Drive. It didn't offer an option to download the entire kit or I missed it somewhere on the page. I was given each item to download individually. This would take me a very long time to download so I will have to come back for those later. What I've unzipped so far is awesome and I can see some very lovely pages being made with all of the great pieces! Have a great day all, now I'm off to work smiley

@Tina: Did you try my direct download? Is it working? Anyone else tried? It´s my first time offering it, so I need to know if it works!

Lorien, it works smiley
Thank you

Thank you all for the wonderful kits.

I am still learning my way around and am wondering if there is a specific color palette and theme. I have seen that some of the entries are titled "Birds and Bees" but I did not see where the information for the titles and colors came from.

@Tina: I'm using Google Drive, and I've tested it a couple of times. There should be a menu under the name of the Zip file. Select File, then Download...this should be getting you the entire zip file.

I've posted a short Tutorial on my blog here. And sorry to any having troubles downloading. If this doesn't get you what you need, please let me know.

Sheila: I guess what you´re looking for is in this topic.

Beautiful kits ladies! I love every one of them!

OK, thanks! smiley

@Molly - I love your papers and want to download them, but the link goes to a tumblr login page. I don't have a tumblr account and I don't want to create one. Is there another way I can access your lovely papers?

I had no luck at all yesterday getting my files to upload - anywhere. I tried MediaFire,, Yousendit, 4Shared, 2Share, and nothing would upload. I finally had to create a website and host them there, but I could only upload 10MB files, so I had to break apart all my kits (3 blog trains & a newsletter freebie). I will try again today, but I'm so surprised I had a problem with MediaFire. Its usually my go to site for file transfers. I was up till 7:00 this morning trying to get this working before everything went live this morning. What a nightmare. I should have uploaded them 2 weeks ago when I had the kits ready. Lesson learned...

I just want to say THANK YOU ladies for sharing your wonderful talent.

You all have done such a great job!

Thank you to all who participated, wonderful work, all of you! I was able to download all except Melouise who was out of band with, a popular download I guess smiley I will try again tomorrow.

So I'm a little surprised. I've had almost 800 people visit the blog today alone, over 350 people download the files and not one comment. WOW!

Ladies - Wonderful work! Love the colors!

Holly Wood - The alpha and embellishments look great - but I can't download them - keep getting ABR files...

Thanks, everyone!!!!!!

Thank you all for your great kits!

Thank you designers for all your wonderful designs and hard work! I cannot wait to dive into everything I was able to download today and begin to create. I wish I had your talent!

@Glenda . . . My files are in RAR format, not ABR. You can download WinRAR for free here if you need it. My apologies for the inconvenience. I am such a fan of WinRAR, I wasn't even thinking that some aren't familiar with it. If you need more help, let me know and thank you for the kind words regarding my contribution.

Thank you all for the great kits. I downloaded enough stuff to make layouts for all the spring photos!

Mollyscraps 4 You want's you to log in. Is this correct. Or is the link missing?

I like to start here myself to see if there any problems or if they are Tagger Size I personal don't care to unzip those I not share how to use them for anything So that said I Like to Like down the list even better when there previews to look at then I can tell when I get off tack YOU Girls & Guys Work So Hard On the Things You offer Us Some Time I See Something and Say Why Would They Offer Something Like That Only I Can.t Get My Mind Off Of It LOL in a Few Days or So I Got And Started Working With To Find Out TO COOL Yall Make ME THINK ALL THE TIME EASTER Pictures are from Sis NOT THIS YEAR... I TOOK So Many They Started to Run From Me LOL
Thinks So Much For All The Pretty DL Freebies to the Trains And Kits Tina

Cat Armstrong - Sorry to hear that, haven't got over there yet but on my way!!l
I Just Wonted You TO Know I Love Your Green Star Cat It is so cute Tina