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Everyone did a fantastic job! Love all the papers and colors....Thank you everyone.

@Violet, thanks so much! Yes, we did find the same deviant art kit...just loved it. It's fun how we interpreted it in different ways. smiley I haven't actually unpacked any of the kits, so I haven't had a look at your glitter papers. I'm sure you're selling yourself short though...your work is always gorgeous!

I tried a ton of different tutorials for glitter and couldn't find one that I could either follow through completely nor liked the way it looked in the end. I finally sucked it up and bought glitter, photographed it (found that all you need to do is photograph the silver glitter) and then manipulated it in Photoshop. It was soooooo much faster and easier than any of the tutorials I tried. It still needs a bit of tweaking. Some colors don't look as realistic as others...but I did my best with it this time around.

Specifics for the glitter...
I filled in any extra edges that didn't have glitter using the clone tool. Make sure to have a hard brush...soft will make edges that blur. I also added a couple layers of Brooke's sparkle (forgot to add that to the list of sorry Brooke!!) With the second layer I flipped it 180 degrees so that the sparkles were in different spots.

Then when it came to recoloring, I had the glitter as the background and added a color overlay above it. With blending modes, I tended to shift between multiply, overlay, soft light, and color...depending on the specific color I was working with. Multiply almost always didn't work...but for some reason it did for just a few. After I found the closest to what I wanted, I would flatten the image and do auto contrast (seemed to bring out just a bit more sparkle). If it still didn't look right, I would tweak the levels a bit.

Ack, that was probably the worst tutorial ever...more of a rambling than anything else. Give a holler if you'd like any other specifics!

Oh, and of course, thank you so much for your kind words. I had a blast putting the kit together. I download tons of freebies and figure this is my way of giving back. smiley

@Janet H. - that makes sense. Glad you pointed out the other site. I'll have to check it out for the next blog train.

amazing work everyone ... thanks for all the great pieces

Ladies, I haven't had time to download anything at all, but I wanted to give an overall "HOLY COW YOU ALL ARE AWESOME AND TALENTED" shout-out. If I only had a pinky's worth of your collective talent... smiley

@Janet, smiley no worries! I'm glad the sparkle brush was useful!

For those who are trying to access Mollyscraps this is the correct link

@Liz, thank you so much for the correct link. I had problems too so I am glad I could get this part too!

@Liz, thanks I tried looking for her blog, but to no avail. Thanks so much for directing us to the proper place!

Thank you very much, Liz! smiley

Thanks to all the designers for the cute downloads! I've only made it about halfway through downloading so far, but I just wanted to share my blog with you! My new spring background and header is made with a couple of the designer's contributions and I mention pixel scrapper as well. Here it is. smiley

Thank you Liz, I was hoping for the correct link! Much appreciated.


You are fantastic in the way you find links and give the correct one. I know you did that for me. Thank you! smiley

WOW!! Amazing work everyone! Talk about a "Mega" kit. This has everything. Thanks everyone.

Thank you to Liz Smith for making my papers accessible. I love using tumblr but I didn't realize you had to have an account to view it. And I am a bit floored to see how long I have been absent. Time is passing too quickly for me....

Thank you Liz and just in case that still does not work, the file is located at

smiley Glad to see you back here Molly smiley

TYVM to Liz for the link of Molly's blog. Beautiful papers.

Guys, I feel so bad about all the trouble you had with my papers so I made a coordinating mini last night. But, new problem- I cannot make folders anymore- only briefcases- which I don't think is the same... so I uploaded the files to mediafire individually... DOWNLOAD YAY!- now you have the choice of individual files or a zip file...

Gorgeous kit Molly! Oh, and of course good to see you back. smiley

@Janet- thanks! smiley

Oh thank you Molly - I especially like the orange paper - lovely texture and the super zig zag paper. SO kind of you.

I have just finished opening all the kits. So many, but so much great stuff. I was amazed with each kit as I opened them. There is a lot of good stuff that I can used with other kits as well. I'm working with the Kid's art kit right now, but am excited to start with Birds and Bees. The ride itself was such a wonderful trip. Thank you again ladies.

i just wanted to say that the april blog train designs are wonderful! to everyone who contributed, thank you so much for your generosity!

The link for "Mollyscraps 4 You" is not working for me can anyone help me? This is the only one i need. I love all the other links they are GREAT!

Deona see post 97 or 106 above

Fabulous work designers! I loved them all! I was sad I couldn't get a few of the links to work. Celeste Acero and Harriett Humphries your links give errors to me. I've tried them a few times. Holly Wood and Lorien Rezende loved your stuff too just can't get WinRar to work for me. Thank you all for your fabulous talent!

Fabulous work designers! I loved them all! I was sad I couldn't get a few of the links to work. Celeste Acero and Harriett Humphries your links give errors to me. I've tried them a few times. Holly Wood and Lorien Rezende loved your stuff too just can't get WinRar to work for me. Thank you all for your fabulous talent!

If you right click on the file, does it not give you the option to extract? I've never had a problem with a rar file - windows handles them the same as a zip file & vice versa...

Dana, there is a link for downloading Winrar right underneath the download links for my kit. Did you see it? It is a free download and it takes just a few minutes to get it and install it. If you Google "how to open a rar file" there are links with other options and tutorials. Other than that, I will just say I am sorry you can't get it to work for you. I will share zips from now on and I wish I had realized a RAR file was going to be a problem for some people before making them and uploading them to MediaFire.

I downloaded ExtractNow for free online.... It opens EVERYTHING, which makes me happy. Just thought I'd pass that along if anyone's looking for a good "unzip" program. A designer referred me to it. smiley

A big big thank you for all the wonderful contributions to this blogtrain. What a wonderful Mega-Kit