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What a beautiful blogtrain. I am enjoying the ride. smiley

O.M.Goodness!!! I've been trying to download all the goodies for the PS Birds & Bees blog train and all I have to say is you ladies ALL have some serious talents!!! TYSVM to each and every single one of you for your wonderful generosity in sharing your talents with us. smiley

thank you all for the great contributions!! smiley

Ok, I could finally finish downloading smiley I tried to comment on each spot of this long train, I´m sorry if I forgot someone, just had some small comments to add:

Celeste: Thank you for the adorable portion. I specially like the brads!

Molly: Your paper pack is great, thank you smiley Specially like the paint touches on it.

Sheila Rogers: I am in love with your owl, it´s so cute! also thank you for the checkered paper and all the other adorable assets.

Nadia S: I have to say that your work look even prettier when you see each peace sepparated. My favorite elements are the banners.

Janet Scott: It´s hard to say what´s my favorite on your huge portion. But I guess I´ll come with the borders and the paints. Thank you so much dear, I love your work!

hi thank u smiley

Thanks everyone for the great stuff in this blog train.

Oh my. This is amazing! I love bees and honey! So many cool things here!

Hey Bradley!!! I think your one of our very first male scrapping members besides Jordan one of the co-owners and creators of all things PS. So glad to have you here! smiley and that you are enjoying the blog train goodies! smiley

I cannot believe how many amazing freebies are in this train. Holy cow! And all just perfect. I love the bee theme very much!I am to post 18 so far and I am downloading it all! Just starting digital scrapping and realizing I need to go out and buy an external hard drive just for this.

Yep! Most of us own at least one or two... and some of us probably own three or more. smiley

Just starting digital scrapping and realizing I need to go out and buy an external hard drive just for this.

Ok. So I have EVERYTHING unpacked and sorted from this blog train. And am left with 3 files that I cannot seem to do anything with or find how to redownload. I forgot where I got them. Lol.

Any assistance would be helpful. Also, how do you all go about sorting this much stuff?!! Lol. Newbie problems I guess. Lol

@Bradley: The abloom files are Melo post #4 in the train post. The emilyfiles belongs to Emily in post #10.
Try to re-download and unzip them again. If they still don't work, come back here and let Emily and Melo know.
I'm sure they will help you figure it out. smiley Good Luck!

@Bradley: Here there is a topic about organization. It´s more or less like that: You need to keep track of the stuff in a way you don´t take things out of their original folder, so you always know the terms of use for each kit. Most people use Picasa to help find things later. Well, there are better info on that topic, ask there if you have doubts smiley

Hi Bradley and welcome amongst all us women smiley If you have any problems re-downloading my kits (I am also known as Melo or abloom...), just let me know at I'll try and fix it! Have fun scrapping!