Question about journal card orientation

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Question about journal card orientation

I was wondering for those of you who participate in Project Life style albums, for the 3x4 cards is one orientation (horizontal or vertical) more useful/common? And are there other sizes of cards you use frequently?

IRL on my Project Life pages, I use 3x4 and 4x6 sizes... because that seems to be the size that most of the page protectors come in. Also, I use both horizontal and vertical equally because you can use what was intended for a photo as a JC spot... and most of the PL kits have both sizes and both orientations in them.

I guess if your making templates it would be too hard to make the same one just flipping it to the right from a vertical creation??? And I guess technically one could just resize a 4x6 down to a 3x4 with some slight cropping included???

I've thought about this one too when I'm designing journal cards. My mind always goes to the vertical orientation first for some reason. If I do 2 or 3 vertical ones, I always try to add at least one horizontal just to mix it up. Most times, I try to make them so that they can be use either way. I know that probably doesn't help you... smiley

If I use the 3x4 size, they're almost always vertical. 4x6, I almost always use horizontal. Weird? Probably. LOL

@Brandi: I imagine it's because we tend to take more photos horizontally, so it probably just flows better when your using larger portions of your photos?

That makes sense, Shawna smiley

I think the vertical 3x4s and horizontal 4x6s tend to be the most common because that's how most of the physical pocket pages are made. I've seen a lot of fun square ones too!